The Project, On the Alley, and Benchmark Have Reopened

••• The Project has reopened: “Open 12-8 p.m. every day, for pickup or free delivery! We’re excited to offer craft cocktails, farm-fresh tacos and burritos, and local Fatty’s beer. As of right now—you can order by calling 805-869-2820 or visiting” Above: “You can get any two cocktails for $30! Includes 4-5 total cocktail servings, mason jars (yours to keep!), garnish, and ice if needed.”

••• And On the Alley at the Harbor has reopened (7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily), and so has one of its sister restaurants, Benchmark Eatery on State Street. —Restaurant Guy

••• Scarlett Begonia is in its new home around the corner at 21 W. Victoria. —Restaurant Guy

••• It bears repeating: Grubhub is a sleazy company that puts its own interests way above those of partner restaurants. But don’t take my word for it. Take Metropulos Fine Foods‘s word, too.

••• A Montecito Journal profile of Brandon Ristaino and Misty Orman of The Good Lion, Test Pilot, and Shaker Mill, says that they’re close to opening a bar in downtown Ventura.

••• The Independent profiles Elubia’s Kitchen, which serves Central American cuisine (and everything is gluten-free): “After successful runs during 2019’s Old Spanish Days and Solvang Fall Festival, the Orozcos rented affordable kitchen space in La Casa de la Raza. As popularity grew, the restaurant went from being open one day a week to three, and they plan to open a Goleta location this month at 152 Aero Camino to serve on Wednesdays. As of press time, Elubia’s Kitchen is still operating at the La Casa location even after the recent sale of the community center’s building, and the Orozcos plan to do so as long as they can keep their lease under the new owner.” Below: bean pupusas with cortido (lightly fermented cabbage slaw) and casamiento (rice and beans); photo by @Cilantrodreams.


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