The Lark Would Like to Expand Into Its Parking Lot

••• The main focus of the Montecito Journal’s long article* about Sherry Villanueva, owner of Acme Hospitality (The Lark, Loquita, etc.), is how the company is coping with the pandemic, helping its employees, and so on. Of special note: She’s hoping to “expand my dining room [of the Lark, presumably] into my parking area, so that I can place more seats” as a way to put distance between diners. And perhaps even more interesting, given Acme’s ability to create a sense of place: The company is “renovating two of the most iconic hotels in Nevada County, California”—the Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley and the National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City, pictured above and right. (*Not online yet, or maybe ever.)

••• Los Agaves on Milpas has reopened. It was open as of March 20, but I guess it closed thereafter…? Anyway, welcome back.

••• Brass Bear Brewing sent Restaurant Guy this update, oddly written in the third person: “Brass Bear Brewing has recently expanded its to-go menu! Try their new ‘cook at home option’, these items come easily packaged and prepared with all the ingredients and instructions on how to cook at home. Its kept simple in terms of everything is marinated and sauces are made but gives you the opportunity to have a fresh cooked meal while only dirtying one pan or even better do it on the grill!”

••• From Dune Coffee Roasters: “Sometimes you just need a little sip of your favorite coffee snack to get you through the non stop zooming. Zap Zippers are 1/2 gallon of your fave coffee bev, made fresh for you to enjoy at home. These babies are fully customizable! Almond or oat milk, sweet or not, make it a matcha!”

••• Maybe I’ve just hit a wall, but two experiences today made me realize how arbitrary much of our social distancing is. First, at the supermarket checkout, I asked whether I could use my own bags if I did the bagging myself. No, but they would be happy to put my purchases in my cart, and I could bag them myself outside. How is that an improvement? Second, at a restaurant, my husband and I waited outside on two chairs after ordering lunch. After bringing out our food, the staffer told us we weren’t allowed to eat on the property—which would make more sense if we hadn’t just spent 15 minutes sitting right next to each other. If we’re going to reopen, we’re going to have to be less knee-jerk and more sensible.