The County’s Batty Guidance for Celebrating Halloween

••• Whenever Siteline gets a new Instagram follower, I check out who it is, and sometimes that pays off: for instance, I wouldn’t have otherwise known about Coast Side Figure Club, “Santa Barbara’s Premier Roller Skating Club” which offers classes, private lessons, open skates, and more.

••• The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department has released guidance on how to celebrate Halloween during the Covid-19 pandemic, and some of it is, well, batty:

When passing out candy, consider a plan for social distancing:
• Wash hands before and after handling.
• Do not pass candy out from inside of your home; have grab and go candy from the porch or driveway instead of from the front. Provide tongs or grabber along with hand sanitizer so there is no touching of candies with hands.
• Wear a face covering.
• Only provide commercially packaged candy.
• Place a six-foot table lengthwise between the person providing the candy and the trick or treaters to help maintain 6 feet social distance.
• Make a variety of treat bags with commercially packaged candy and hang from streamers in the yard and monitor to ensure social distancing.
• Place a bowl or container of candy at the end of the driveway or walkway with some hand sanitizer and watch from the porch. […]

Outdoor alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating include:
• Trunk or treating: This activity is allowed for the purpose of distributing candy only;
no other events are permitted. Follow the safety practice guidelines. Park cars at
least 8 to 10 feet apart from each other. Do not cluster in groups. If lines form, keep
people at least 6 feet apart.
• Car parades: Car parades must comply with Drive-In Event Guidance.
• Plan a socially distanced costume parade: Place treats where kids can pick
them up along the parade route (daytime activity). Alternatively, provide a bag of
treats at the end of the parade. Be careful not to allow spectators or crowds to
gather at these types of activities.

••• On the October 5 agenda for the city’s Architectural Board of Review: an exterior and interior remodel of 225 S. Milpas (Cacique/Indio Muerto Hutash). Current and proposed images below. It would seem that Big Brand is planning to move from 523 N. Milpas.

••• Opening online October 7 at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum: “Queen on the Hill: Artworks and Photographs of Santa Barbara Mission.” The email that the museum sent out didn’t credit the image below.

••• A gallery is opening (or possibly already open) at 1226 Coast Village Road, formerly the Ambiance boutique. I couldn’t quite make out the name through the window. Unless I’m told otherwise, I always assume a gallery is a temporary tenant while the owner looks for a permanent one.

••• The South Board of Architectural Review agenda for October 2 included another Carpinteria cannabis farm, this one over 16 acres: “Request of Shelter Architecture, for CVW Organic Farms to consider Case No. 20BAR-00000-00121 for Conceptual Review of as-built greenhouses of approximately 5,400 square feet, 11,000 square feet, 31,000 square feet and 56,300 square feet plus two 320 square foot containers and six above ground water storage tanks. The following structures exist on the parcel currently: 36,250 square foot packing house, 4,000 square foot AG storage building 26,220 square feet of permitted greenhouses. The proposed project will not require grading. The property is a 3.17, 5.19, and 8.06 acre parcel, zoned AG-1.5 and shown as Assessor’s Parcel Number 004-013-002, 004-013-003, and 004-013-024 located at 1480, 1400, and 1296 Cravens Lane in Carpinteria.” It’s yet another property owned by a member of the Van Wingerden family, about whom you can read more in this 2019 Los Angeles magazine article.

••• And the October 7 County Planning Commission agenda includes the appeal of a 4.65-acre cannabis farm and processing plant at 4505 Foothill Road in Carp: “Hearing on the request of Paul Ekstrom and Gregory Gandrud to consider Case No. 20APL_00000-00007, an appeal of the Director’s approval of Case No. 19CDP-00000-00021 (approved February 14, 2020), in compliance with Section 35-182 of Article II, the Coastal Zoning Ordinance. The project is a request for a Coastal Development Permit to allow CP1 Supply Systems (Applicant and Operator) to cultivate approximately 4.65 acres (202,680 square feet) of mixed-light cannabis, with ancillary nursery and drying within two existing greenhouse structures. Other associated cultivation activities (trimming and packaging) will occur within the existing, approximately 5,000-square-foot warehouse/processing structure. The total cumulative area proposed for cannabis cultivation (as defined by the Article II Coastal Zoning Ordinance) is 4.76 acres. The proposed cannabis operation includes the processing of cannabis cultivated from the project site, as well as from other local, licensed cultivation sites. The application involves property zoned AG-I-10 on Assessor Parcel Number 004-003-004, located at 4505 Foothill Road.”


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