Snake Season Is Here

••• Good advice from Montecito Trails Foundation: “It’s that time of year, when the sun comes out, and with it come the snakes. A good rule of thumb to remember is if you’re seeing lizards running around, it’s warm enough to see their friends the snakes.” The lizards are most definitely out, and if that doesn’t give you pause, I’ll tell the story of when we found a rattlesnake in our kitchen. (Photo by Ann Tro.)

••• I’m sure you’ve read/heard by now that we’re supposed to start wearing masks whenever we’re outside our homes. I don’t know whether this offer is still valid—it was posted a week ago, and somehow I missed it—but Patricia Moo of The Perfect Fit in Montecito is giving them out: “Our ‘homemade’ face masks are based on a publicly available pattern. They are not particulate filtering N95 face masks or considered Personal Protective Equipment. However, research suggests they will help prevent transmission when N95 masks are not available. If you would like a free washable face mask, please text (805) 444-3376 we will be happy to provide one to you and each member of your family.” I’ve reached out to see if they’re available and will update accordingly.

••• Good news from the 93108 Fund: “The 93108 Fund is back to support employees in Montecito. After the Thomas Fire and debris flows, we were able to provide cash grants to almost 1,000 people impacted by the closures following 1/9/18, thanks to the generous contributions of the community. We have recently received an incredibly generous $15,000 matching donation from the Kirby Jones Foundation. If you have the means and are looking for ways to help from home, please consider donating. The funds go directly into the pockets of people in the community unable to work due to the Covid 19 shutdown. Montecito employees, distributions will begin this weekend. Please sign up here.”

••• According to the agenda for today’s meeting of the South Board of Architectural Review, yet another Barton Myers hope is going up in the Toro Canyon area: “Request  of  Barton  Myers, architect for Gary D. Johns to consider Case No. 19BAR-00000-00140 for Further Conceptual Review of a 4,337 gross square foot new single family dwelling (including 3-car garage 3,683 without garage) and associated site development including a new driveway and motor court, site walls, landscaping and hardscaping. […] The property is a 3.47-acre parcel […] located at 875 Toro Canyon Road.” The other Myers-designed houses include the cool one at 770 Ladera Lane (pictured above), now on the market for $7.5 million; actress Natalie Portman’s place; and Myers’s own property, which was said to be be coming on the market (but that was before all hell broke loose).

••• And according to the agenda for the April 6 meeting of the city’s Board of Architectural Review, the office complex at 16 W. Mission Street is being converted to apartments: “Project entails an interior conversion of the existing floor area to include a unit mix of nine studio, eleven one-bedroom, and three two-bedroom units ranging in size from 330 square feet and 895 square feet with an average unit size of 520 square feet. The proposed density on this 28,224 square foot lot is 35 dwelling units per acre on a lot with a General Plan Land Use Designation of Medium High Density Residential which allows for 15-27 dwelling units per acre, and using the State’s Bonus Density Law which allows for up to 11% more units above base density. As part of the State Density Bonus Law, the proposed conversion includes two units designated for ‘Very Low’ income level tenants. Also proposed is a 130 square foot addition.”

••• Nice-looking shirt from Island View Outfitters, and $5 from each one goes to Covid-19 Response Effort for Santa Barbara County, a joint fund by The Santa Barbara Foundation and the United Way of Santa Barbara County. Plus: It makes a swell gift.

••• The county is looking for volunteers:

The County of Santa Barbara is in search of community members who would like to utilize their wisdom and talents by volunteering for various Covid-19 related projects. Volunteer assignments will be based on the skills, knowledge, and abilities of each individual volunteer and may include supporting emergency shelters, food distribution call centers, alternate (medical) care sites or other emerging needs.

All volunteers are subject to a background check and will be required to provide their full name, date of birth, address, driver’s license or California Identification number, and social security number. All volunteers who are not currently employed as a government worker must also be sworn in by an approved Disaster Service Worker appointing authority of the County of Santa Barbara. Being sworn in as a DSW provides full coverage by the State of California Worker’s Compensation system.

Community members interested in volunteering can sign up by completing the Volunteer Registration Form found on the Santa Barbara County Public Health portal and emailing the completed form to [email protected] or by contacting the Santa Barbara City CERT Spontaneous Volunteer Center, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at (805) 564-5782 to sign up over the telephone.