Rascal’s Is Opening Another Longterm Pop-Up Restaurant

••• Starting June 25, Rascal’s is setting up shop at the Venus in Furs kitchen most recently occupied by Barb’s Pies (which will no longer be available after June 13). Founder Dalan Moreno says he’ll be there for at least six months and hopefully longer, and we can expect vegan offerings similar to what he was cooking at his Bibi Ji pop-up. The hours are 4-10 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

••• Those of us who have been dying to try Priedite Barbecue in Los Alamos but are unwilling to go wait in line on a Saturday morning will be excited to know that you can pre-order now for pickup on the afternoon of June 20 (Father’s Day) and then enjoy it later at home. P.S. And you might as well also order a Priedite smash burger to eat while you’re in L.A. (Right: pulled-pork taco photographed by John Troxell.)

••• “Governor Gavin Newsom says the state will allow restaurants to continue selling take-out alcohol and keep expanded outdoor dining through the end of the year. […] Lawmakers could permanently extend the allowance of to-go cocktails through a bill by state Sen. Bill Dodd, a Napa Democrat.” —KEYT

••• A sign on the door of Cost Plus World Market says the store has applied for an “instructional tasting license” for alcohol.

••• A profile of 4 Eggs & Pizza, in the Scarlett Begonia’s old space. —Independent

••• I finally made it to the Palihouse Santa Barbara for lunch. The hotel’s courtyard is lovely, but unfortunately, the restaurant currently has a limited menu of only cold food (and will for a month or so, we were told). I’d suggest waiting till the glitch is fixed before going for anything other than a drink. And Saltines have no place on any self-respecting cheese board….

••• That said, I’d take it over the grim dinner we had at the Montecito Wine Bistro the other night. It’s never been a great restaurant, but it worked well enough, especially if you sat outside. Now, however, the place feels like it’s on its last legs. The hosts were apathetic, the menu was a shell of its former self, and much of the food was barely edible. There are too few restaurant spaces in the Upper Village to waste one like this.


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Will Barbs be available anywhere else? Are they getting their own place? I hope so, their pies are great. Also, do you know what the update is with 330 State Street? I see they have cleared out most of the interior but would love to know when they are trying to open by.

Erik Torkells

I’ve reached out to Barb’s. As for 330 State Street (more info on that interesting is project at sitelinesb.com/exciting-changes-proposed-for-a-santa-barbara-landmark, for those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about), I have no idea. I couldn’t get anyone involved to respond, but perhaps I’ll have more luck as it progresses.


Great to hear! I drove by the Mackenzie market on state street and it seems like it’s all clean. Any information on this spot..?? Would make an amazing coffee house or Restaurant. Anything new you can share with us.?

Erik Torkells

All I know is that Kevin Moore Architect, which is working on the project, said the building won’t be torn down. If anyone knows more, pipe up!

Bill Tomicki

You’re spot on about the Montecito Wine Bistro…it’s a crying shame: formerly a great local hangout with interesting food, it now seems abandoned—lackluster if any greeting, amateur service when you can finally corral a server, mediocre cooking…alas, where is Pierre Lafond, a man of quality and integrity who would never tolerate this.