Pierre Lafond’s Santa Barbara Winery Is for Sale

••• The Lafond family has decided to list Santa Barbara Winery, “the first post-Prohibition commercial winery in Santa Barbara County” when it was started in 1962. The offering, via Radius, includes the brand, several million dollars of inventory, the tasting room lease, and more. (UPDATE: Here’s the listing; the price is $9.25 million.) From the announcement:

For five decades, Santa Barbara Winery has evolved to be more than just a winery; it was Pierre’s passion, the heart of the booming Funk Zone, and a valuable extension of our family of companies led by incredibly talented and dedicated vintners and hospitality professionals. As a founding pillar in the now booming Santa Barbara wine region, we are proud of the standards that Santa Barbara Winery set for the industry and the success we were able to forge in an ever growing market. The sale of Santa Barbara Winery will allow us to focus on growing our other brands, including Lafond Winery & Vineyards, Pierre Lafond Market & Deli, and Wendy Foster, Inc.. While we are saddened to move on from this portion of our portfolio, we are excited to continue the tradition of impeccable service, luxury goods, and the cultivation of community as we continue to scale into the future with a refined focus.

••• Oppi’z Bistro and Natural Pizza, on State between Carrillo and Figueroa, has closed. From the farewell message posted on the website: “Since we opened our doors on July 19, 2019, it has been a pleasure to serve the beautiful Santa Barbara community and its visitors from around the world. I will miss chatting with you and our most loyal customers with who we have built up authentic relationships over the years. Obviously, I would be remiss if I did not mention all of the dogs who brightened each of my days with their joyful greetings. You will be missed too!”

••• Pueblo Pollo, on upper State Street, has also closed. Thanks to L. for the tip.

••• In November 2021, I reported that the Jewish Federation of Greater Santa Barbara was planning on adding a kosher deli when it revamped its building on Chapala Street (Haley/Cota). Now Restaurant Guy says the deli be called Etty’s Jewish Delicatessen and Bakery, and that it will open in January.

••• An outpost of the Nick the Greek chain is opening in the former Natural Café space on State (Haley/Cota). —Restaurant Guy

••• And a couple doors down, Lily’s Donuts & Pops appears to be opening in the former Cold Stone Creamery space.

••• Trattoria del Sole, the Sherman Oaks restaurant planning an outpost next to L’Antica Pizza da Michele on State Street, discovered the hard way that you can’t do much here without the right permits. A stop-work order is posted in the window.

••• Noozhawk profiled Pokewaves in Noleta.

••• Oyster fans will want to pick up a cap from the recent Little Dom’s Seafood/Mister Parmesan collaboration.


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Sam Tababa

Another month, another few million flushed down the State St. gutter. Why so many continue to try and crack an uncrackable nut and open a restaurant on State St is a mystery. The street is littered with the corpses of broken dreams and lost savings. Reminds me of the old joke “How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business? Start with a large fortune.”


The whole Pueblo Pollo saga is pretty hilarious. It of course used to be a Pollo Loco, but they somehow got kicked out of the franchise for running afoul of standards. What you need to do to get kicked out of an El Pollo Loco franchise? I can only imagine. The posters on the wall had simply been taped over wherever the El Pollo Loco logo and branding appeared. I ate there once out of pure curiosity, and all I can say about it was that I was hungry before I ate their burrito, and not hungry after. That’s the nicest thing I can say about that.


Who knew Jewish delis were like London buses, you wait forever and then two show up at once.

Nick the Greek is a great addition also and a huge upgrade from Natural Cafe, i.e. food with actual flavor.

Bone Dry

Kidding right? $9m for a wine name with no real estate?!? No grapes and no vineyards? Who would do that??


The name alone- the good reputation and years of sales with built in sales if you can keep the wine making under


I beg to differ. The wine of Santa Barbara Winery by Lafond is not good at all. A sub-par wine at best.


I’ve never read a more comprehensive wine critique. Thanks Lisa for your enlightened judgement.