Pedestrian-Only State Street Is Now One Block Shorter

••• The great State Street experiment just got 11% shorter: Cars are now allowed back on between Victoria and Sola streets, says John Palminteri. Adding parking seems entirely unnecessary.

••• It looks like the Coral Casino has decided to proceed with renovations. The notice of proposed development posted out front mentions only “exterior alterations,” but there’s more info online: “Changes include: Revisions to the non-historic pool service counter (Finn’s Pool Service); Relocate the non-historic children’s pool and deck shower. The pool will also increase to 341 sf. The non-historic jacuzzi spa will also be relocated and enlarged to 351 sf. Transparent wind screens will be added to the terrace deck of the clock tower. Doors and windows will be replaced at the private dining room. An existing 585sf area of the club will be repurposed as an outdoor lounge.”

••• Neat fundraising idea from the Ojai Raptor Center: “This year we are raising funds for our mission in wildlife rehabilitation and education by inviting the public to join us in the culmination of our work and to release our patients back to the wild. The moment a bird returns to nature is a special experience that we look forward to every time. After sometimes months in care, our mission is complete when we are able to see birds return to the air and take their place in their natural environment. If you purchase a raptor release you will accompany staff on a raptor release, learn about the patient’s backstory and about the species’ natural history. These funds will go back into the care of our wildlife patients and educating the public about wildlife, biodiversity and how we can all be better stewards for the environment.”

••• Checking in on 351 Woodley, Bruce Heavin’s and Lynda Weinman’s fabulous lair-in-progress….

••• The proposed partial demolition/renovation/new construction at 801 San Ysidro Lane, which is on the agenda of the July 9 meeting of the Montecito Board of Architectural Review, includes something I’d never seen before: a “114-square-foot detached tennis kiosk.” For the ball boys?

••• Ambiance women’s boutique has definitely left Coast Village Road.

••• So “house for sale” signs aren’t allowed in Montecito, but ones for houses being auctioned off are OK?