More on Insurance Companies’ Retreat from the Area

••• The Independent talked to SeaVees founder Steven Tiller on the occasion of the company’s new-ish store at 24 Mason in the Funk Zone. “Alongside the brand’s full array of men’s, women’s, and kids’ shoes ranging from $68 to $178, the place sells an assortment of SoCal merch, including Apolis tote bags, Camp Collection T-shirts, and OP shorts.”

••• Part two of the Montecito Journal‘s series about the people who had streets named after them tackles Loureyro Road, Hixon Road, Dinsmore Lane, and Stoddard Lane. It’s a fun read if you like history; look for the issue with Carol Burnett on the front page. (Part one, in the August 8-15 edition, covered Jameson Lane, Park Lane, Sheffield Drive, Ayala Lane, Cota Lane, and Romero Canyon Road).

••• In the same issue: The Montecito Journal raises the question of whether palm trees should be included in the landscaping for the Olive Mill roundabout and the redesigned Sheffield exit on the 101—and then basically answers that there doesn’t seem to be much reason not to. Anyway, “The next opportunity [to discuss the Olive Mill roundabout] will be on September 3 at 4 p.m. at the Montecito Association Land Use Committee.”

••• More on the insurance situation from Noozhawk, including this: “’It’s out into Rancho Embarcadero,’ said [Susan Rodriguez of Brown & Brown Insurance Services of California], referring to the Tecolote Canyon neighborhood west of Goleta. ‘It’s not limited to just Montecito and Mission Canyon.'”