Montecito’s Most Interesting House Has Taken a New Turn

••• Every now and then I drive by the deluxe bunker that Bruce Heavin and Lynda Weinman are building in Pepper Hill, just to see how it’s coming along. The part with the giant oculus (below) doesn’t look that different from last time, but further along is a section (above) that has totally changed.

••• I was hiking up Saddle Rock Trail when this house under construction on Hot Springs Road caught my eye. Is that a viewing pavilion being built way above it? A she-shed?

••• From the Santa Barbara Bowl: “Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit show has been officially rescheduled for 7/25/2021.” Wishful thinking?

••• Cuyama’s High Desert Print Co. and Eric Junker have collaborated on two timely—and timeless—T-shirt designs. “For every tee sold, $13 will be donated to Black Lives Matter.” (H/T Cuyama Buckhorn.)

••• Rosewood Miramar Beach “is proud to introduce The Shop at Miramar, the resort’s quintessential new retail space located in Manor House. The Shop exclusively features The Miramar Collection, a new and thoughtfully curated selection of signature resort wear, children’s apparel, beach toys, gifts and more.”

••• Public service announcement from the Montecito Association about the helicopter landing pad that Pat Nesbitt wants approval for at his property, because Santa Barbara Airport is such a a schlep. You’ll recall him as the gentleman who thinks that anyone who opposes the helispot is simply jealous of his wealth.

What’s happening with the helispot?
It’s going before the Board of Supervisors July 7th. SEND IN YOUR COMMENTS! You can send them to [email protected], as we’re compiling them into a letter that will be sent to the Board. We’re planning to be at that hearing to speak to the item. We hope you’ll be there too.

We’re also asking YOU to let the Board of Supervisors know how you feel.
Gregg Hart, 2nd District, Chair – [email protected]
Das Williams, 1st District – [email protected]
Joan Hartmann, 3rd District – [email protected]
Peter Adam, 4th District – [email protected]
Steve Lavagnino, 5th District –

You can send your comments in any time from now until July 6th. If you space out your emails, it will create a nice ‘drip’ campaign, where the supervisors are getting consistent communication on this subject. Starting July 1st, we need to significantly turn up the volume of communications.

When addressing the north county supervisors, please be sure to let them know this is an intensely local problem, and our airport is close by. We’re not asking for a countywide ban on helispots. Just don’t permit this one. There are environmental concerns, quality of life issues, and other concerns. Nesbitt is not a real farmer (which may help the north county supervisors), this only applies in the coastal zone (again, won’t impact north county), and helps us not turn Montecito into the Hamptons.

Also, we have heard rumors that helicopters continue to land and take off from the property. Video footage from neighbors would be most helpful in getting enforcement.

Copy us on your comments, if you like, to add them to our combined public comment.


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