Loyal Customers Spend $500 on Metropulos Fine Foods Gift Cards

••• From Santa Barbara Fish Market: “We are excited to introduce our Santa Barbara Fish Market Seafood Box. Each box will include 4 one-pound fresh or frozen vacuum packed fish portions. We will choose 2-4 species of the freshest fish for each shipment, such as local Black Cod, Halibut, Ahi Tuna and more. […] The box is $74.95 for 3-4 types of fish.” Details at sbfish.com.

••• Café Stella is reopening: “Everything you need is here, from prepared food to groceries, household items (to be added soon) and alcohol. You can buy and pay for it all online and it will delivered to you same day if ordered by 12 p.m. or you can schedule your delivery window daily between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.” —Restaurant Guy

••• Edible Santa Barbara says that Il Fustino is now selling (and delivering) beans from Rancho Gordo, the gold standard of dried beans.

••• A sign of the times: The Cuyama Buckhorn has a market selling essentials—and you get a “free roll of toilet paper with any purchase of $20 or more!”

••• The Daisy now has gift cards.

••• And Metropulos Fine Foods customers Paul and Ann show how it’s done. (Love the old school photo editing, too.)