Lotusland’s Japanese Pavilion Is Coming Along Nicely

••• While at Lotusland to check out the lotuses, I noticed that the pavilion at the Japanese Garden is making excellent progress. Unsure what the plan for it is, I reached out to Lotusland. “At present we are planning on the Pavilion to be a place for, as you say, thoughtful rest and contemplation,” was the response. “It was built as an accessible structure with access via a ramp on the back side near what is called the Secret Garden. The sweeping views from the deck across the entire garden are magnificent. Four years ago in the planning stages of the Japanese Garden, we envisioned the Pavilion as a place for gatherings, classes and perhaps meditation. As time progresses we are hopeful that the original purposes will be fulfilled. Like the Lotus Viewing Deck, the Miwatasu Gate and all the wood structures, it is crafted from Yellow Alaskan Cedar.” (Of course, I also visited the reliably good gift shop, which has more of the beautiful baskets woven by a volunteer from a vine growing on the property.)

••• Speaking of objets, William Laman has a bunch on sale, and they’re not just relatively good deals. This bowl is $19.50.

••• From the Los Padres Forest Association: “Most of the campgrounds across the forest have reopened with the remaining Forest Service managed campgrounds scheduled to reopen June 19, just in time for Padres Day Weekend (how appropriate). We’ve been hearing that many of the campgrounds have been full so please check ahead of time with either Parks Management or the Forest Service to make sure there is availability. The usual dispersed camping options remain available across the forest other than roadside camping along Nacimiento-Fergusson Road. If you’re not sure if camping is allowed or not, it’s always a good idea to check in with the FS ahead of time.  While the Ranger Stations remain closed to the public, FS staff are answering calls and assisting the public as usual.”

••• Thanks to C.P. for sending over a 2014 Goleta History post about Bird Island. It’s a much more thorough answer to the “burning question” from March.

••• As I mentioned in the Price Cuts post, the mania for Montecito is creeping up above $6 million. Two recent sales of note: 1) 812 Buena Vista Lane sold off-market for $7.3 million. 2) 1639 Fernald Point Lane (below) sold for $9 million with a two-week close; it was listed at $9.9 million. And it seems like everything below $7 million is pending.