Letter Perfect Is Being Sold After 38 Years

••• Leslie Person Ryan is selling her Montecito stationery store, Letter Perfect. The announcement:

There is a saying that there is no good time to have a baby. Along those lines, I would also say that there is no good time to sell what is akin to your own child.

It’s been 38 years and the time is now. Letter Perfect has been an anchor on this street for a very, very long time. We have come off an amazing holiday season and this year is starting well for a new buyer to take over. Parties are returning, weddings are springing forth, and our new families moving here are looking for expert help in stationery and design. We are spreading the word now and are sure you will too: Letter Perfect is officially for sale! We have had an inquiry already for a coffee shop; however, in an ideal world, our buyer would keep it stationery, design and gifts-even add an event planning business or a wine bar! Our indoor and outdoor spaces have so many stories and opportunities yet realized.

I thank this community for the opportunity to spell their names correctly and give etiquette advice for 38 years. Now it is time for someone else to design, create and throw confetti in the air!

“We have had a lot of interest and look forward to presenting a new buyer in about a month,” she subsequently emailed me. “We will continue as stationery and gifts.”

••• “Children’s fitness center” My Gym expects to open by January 31. It’s at 2801 De La Vina (across the street from Grocery Outlet).

••• On the January 19 agenda of the city’s Historic Landmarks Commission: “Review of Standardized Plaque to mark historic resources as recommended by the Historic Resource Plaque subcommittee.” Why the medieval font?

••• If your house overlooks the Santa Barbara Bowl, take note that there’s a county proposal to install a solar array “behind the Santa Barbara Bowl.” There are no details yet about how large or exactly where. It’s scheduled to be discussed at the January 24 meeting of the city’s Architectural Board of Review.

••• Mollusk has a pretty new show of pastels by Allan Gibbons. They look great hung together like that.

••• The Hotel Indigo, on State Street in the Funk Zone, sold for $13 million “to an investor with plans to continue to operate the hotel as an independent or branded hotel,” according to the press release. The asking price was $19.35 million. Update: While the transaction was recorded at $13 million, that was likely only for the land/building, and including the business as well pushed the price much closer to the listing price of $19 million.

••• No one guessed last week’s Where in Santa Barbara…?, so here’s the answer: the padlock is at the Santa Barbara Bowl.


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