Lease Signed on Harbor Restaurant Spaces

••• Bored by your own cooking? Duo Catering & Events is selling housemade Fresno chili sauce.

••• The Nugget in Goleta reopened yesterday, and the one in Summerland will follow soon. —Restaurant Guy

••• While picking up some salmon the other day at Kanaloa Seafood, my husband asked whether the store is having supply-chain issues with, say, scallops. The answer was interesting: getting imports from Europe is impossible, but local seafood is coming in much faster than usual, probably because the demand at restaurants is way down. Pictured: salmon with harissa and lemon and served with sesame noodles and sautéed spinach.

••• “Several restaurants, wineries & breweries in Los Alamos area teamed up to offer once-a-week deliveries to Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Montecito,” reports Edible Santa Barbara. The participating restaurants are Bell’s, Pico, Bob’s Well Bread, Full of Life Flatbread, and Plenty on Bell; beef purveyor Rancho San Julian will soon join in. More info can be found here.

••• Merci Montecito‘s chocolate chip cookies are among the very best in town, if not the best, and now the restaurant is selling the dough so you can bake them at home. (Peanut butter dough is available, too.)

••• Chomp owner Aaron Petersen closed on the former Chuck’s Waterfront Grill and Endless Summer spaces yesterday. The city’s Waterfront Department told The Independent this about his intentions: “For the former Endless Summer, Peterson is planning a traditional deli café serving sandwiches, soups, and salads with a grab-and-go component, as well as a small grocery store. At night, the upstairs would shift into a dinner menu with full bar. Downstairs, in the former Chuck’s space, Petersen plans to open a restaurant like Chomp, featuring burgers, fries, and shakes that caters to families, young adults, and retirees. [So, everyone but middle-aged people? —Ed.] The design will be diner-like, with stools and a larger counter area.” But Petersen told me that it’s still up in the air. Seems a bit counterintuitive to have a grocery upstairs….

••• Public service announcement: Los Agaves sells $5 “happy hour” margaritas from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. “Pro tip: Four margs to-go. Crack two open for you and your pal to enjoy right away and stick the other 2 in the freezer. By the time you need the second, it will be a perfect slushy marg!”