Fosters Freeze Will Be Turned Into a Much More Ambitious Restaurant

••• When I wrote about the opening (in a limited pandemic-impacted way) of Peasants Feast in Solvang four months ago, I don’t think I had seen any photos of the interior—which, as you can see above, is rather pretty! The restaurant is closed today through Wednesday, but then it’s going to “start moving towards full service patio dining! (Yes, that means eating on real plates with real silverware….)”

••• Carpinteria’s “Fosters Freeze closes August 23. (It will become a farm to fork restaurant.)” —John Palminteri

••• This year’s Santa Barbara Harbor & Seafood Festival has been canceled.

••• Eater L.A. has photos of Little Dom’s Seafood, now open in Carpinteria. This could just be sour grapes, but I find it odd that the restaurateurs would ignore local media for an L.A. website. (Carp isn’t exactly Malibu.) Anyway, the space looks great.

••• Bite Me SB says that Villa Wine Bar & Kitchen has reservation-only sushi nights on Tuesdays.

••• Restaurant Guy says that Italian wine bar Aperitivo has opened at 7 E. Haley, but co-proprietor Brian Dodero tells me otherwise.

••• The rear building at the Well in Summerland (a.k.a. Big Daddy’s, and formerly Café Luna), is having someone work done. A staffer told me that there’s a chance it’ll end up having a café component. Also, the store has more small stuff than it used to—books, candles, knick-knacks—so it’s worth checking out even if you’ve already been.

••• McConnell’s has a special summer flavor that sounds just right: boysenberry pie, “California boysenberries, cooked into a drool-worthy filling, folded into sweet cream, then paired with delicious chunks of house-made, savory, nutty, rye pie crust.”


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Quinn cooper

LA is moving in …..and taken over carp and SB. Dom’s seafood 2?out of 10
Miramar -more Birkin bags than face masks
Buying up real estate … what’s next!!!