First Look at the New Rooms & Gardens in Montecito

••• After thirty years on State Street, Rooms & Gardens opens tomorrow in Montecito’s Upper Village, and owner Jami Voulgaris has really made the most of the former Coda space: she redid everything—including the ceilings, walls, restroom, and landscaping—to warm, welcoming effect. Not only does the shop sell what’s on the floor, but it can make furniture, too.

••• The Santa Claus Lane storefronts currently home to Rowan (3817 Santa Claus Lane) and the dining room half of the Garden Market (3817 Santa Claus Lane) are for lease with thirty days’ notice, but the term is only three to five years. Perhaps the landlord has bigger plans in the future.

••• The new turnaround at the southern end of Santa Claus Lane is open. It’s much easier than making a three-point turn in the middle of the road.

••• The county’s Planning Commission May 10 agenda includes a DignityMoves project for the homeless, like the one on Santa Barbra Street but considerably larger, at 4500 Hollister Avenue (between S. Turnpike Road and Modoc Road, directly behind Juvenile Hall): “the proposed installation of up to 90 cabins on County-owned property located on Hollister Avenue in the unincorporated area of Santa Barbara. In addition to the modular housing units, the site will also include office space, clinic, laundry, shower/restroom, and dining units.” The idea is that the cabins can be moved to another location if/when the land gets used for another purpose.

••• The Historic Landmarks Commission’s May 10 consent agenda includes the conversion of the 1,700-square-foot office building at 1524 State Street (Arrellaga/Micheltorena) to short-term rental units.

••• Asleep at the Wheel plays the Lobero Theatre on June 8.


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One Comment


The City’s left hand: “STRs are taking up housing options! Spend $1.2mil our budget doesn’t have to crack down!”

The City’s right hand: “It’s a property owner’s right to develop in a way that’s most profitable. Could these be studio apartments instead? Are you kidding? Everyone knows those aren’t profitable! Build another hotel, instead!”

Give me a freaking break.