First Impressions of La Paloma Cafe

••• Some first impressions of La Paloma Cafe…. The space is even more magical than before, with additional outdoor seating, thanks to the conversion of a former storage space, and the inside looks sharp (although of course you can’t dine there yet). While I was hoping for a bit more sophistication from the food, the prices are surprisingly affordable for this level of atmosphere and service, and I can’t wait for the restaurant to open for lunch. Above: the roasted squash tamale, a standout.

••• Venus in Furs has changed up its food offerings: patrons can now order from the menu of Barb’s Pies (which shares the kitchen) every day, rather than just Monday and Tuesday, and as of Wednesday, Venus in Furs’s own menu will shift to the one below.

••• Through December 4, Coastal Coffee Collective is offering 50 percent off an initial subscription order with the code CYBERWEEK50.

••• It’s not the holidays without panettone, and Aperitivo has legit ones for $35.

••• Cookie alert! Times two! When the Food Liaison staffer said the almond butter cookie is gluten-free and vegan, I almost rescinded my order, but she swore I’d love it. Some sort of voodoo must be involved because it was really, really good. And the other day, my husband brought me a chocolate-chip cookie from the Nook (below) that was among the best in town—not quite at the level of Merci’s, but not far from it.


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Well I hope Acme can forgive me for being so awful and saying mean things about them wanting to paint Paradise grey and calling the food at The Lark “Brooklyn 2010.” They’ve really honored the community, the downtown, and the Paradise even with this return to origins via La Paloma. I drove past yesterday and I am THRILLED about the new neon sign, and the restaurant looks incredible. Food looks very good and i look forward to eating there. Despite my nastiness, I’m really just overly sentimental about changes to what I view as institutions which manifests in the form of acting like a troll. I’m actually really nice and a regular patron of the Acme group (though I can’t deny I do not like the Lark and I really miss Les Marchands!). Haha. This is an awesome win for downtown so bravo Acme and thank you! On another note, I hope that somehow this will lead to a relaxation of the terrible prohibition on neon signage downtown. Neon is gorgeous, draws crowds, and could literally help reinvigorate our downtown. It is made by skilled craftsmen, it’s 100 years old, and it graces the exteriors of gorgeous and historic institutions in world-class cities like Paris, New York, Vienna, etc. Let there be light!