Due Date for the Updated Debris Flow Risk Map

••• Every time state Street takes one step up, it takes another step back. Above: A 7-Eleven is coming, just above Ortega.

••• The Montecito Fire Department says that the revised Debris Flow Risk Map will tentatively be released at a community meeting at 5:30 p.m. on November 7.

••• Besides the Olive Mill roundabout, the Montecito Association Land Use Committee meeting today will address “the proposed helipad near the polo fields. The Land Use Committee agenda can be found here, and the sound study and CUP application for the helipad can be found on our website.” The helipad is indefensible and must be stopped. UPDATE: The Montecito Association is asking people to take a survey on the helipad.

••• An interesting take on the local real estate market from Michael Calcagno and Nancy Hamilton:

We are experiencing an increase in demand for smaller, environmentally friendly, and community-oriented homes that offer an easier and more enjoyable lifestyle experience. The majority of retiring baby boomers (age 55 plus), comprising one of the largest demographics of home ownership, are purchasing homes that allow them to scale down. By focusing less time and money towards managing a large estate, retirees are able to redirect their resources towards more enjoyable aspects of life, like travel. This trend is also prevalent with the mindset of younger buyers, including millennials, who also prioritize smaller, well-designed homes over big estates that consume more resources.

The amenities for homes in our area that offer and ease in lifestyle include walkability, views of nature, indoor-outdoor living spaces, quality of construction over quantity of square footage, and homes that offer a more intimate lifestyle experience. The supply remains short in our area, which is resulting in multiple offers and higher prices for these types of homes.