Downtown Virtual Reality Studio Has Closed

••• Surreal Virtual Reality Studios announced that its State Street location won’t be reopening: “We will be working on our next project and we will be updating you on our progress along the way. For now, we will focus our efforts on our partnership with Zodos Bowling & Beyond [in Goleta]. We are planning to reopen our virtual reality attraction there next weekend October 9.”

••• While noodling around on the Santa Barbara Coalition for Responsible Cannabis website, I learned that the county has a map showing cannabis permits. Below is Carpinteria. The legend says that the pale red indicates “application review,” and orange means “permit issued.” There’s nothing about the deeper red, but it seems to be “application review,” too. I’ll have to remember to check back in a few months to see how much worse the situation has gotten.

••• Interested in some hot pickleball action? The city’s Parks & Recreation Department is offering six-class clinics ($120 for residents, $132 for the rest) starting late this month. I think there’s more info here if you log in or create an account and click “adult sports.” But don’t dally, because the clinics are filling up fast.

••• Apparently there’s a “Beverly Hills of Solvang.”

••• A trial date of November 16, 2021, has been set for the case of Jeffrey O’Neil vs. the County of Santa Barbara in regard to his property on the Summerland coastal bluff. If you missed that post, it’s pretty interesting stuff.


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