Could the Dutch Garden Be Opening Soon?

••• 805 Living reported that the Dutch Garden has finally reopened, but I think that’s premature, as it still looked closed when I stopped by the other day. I think we might logically assume, however, that someone at the restaurant told the magazine that the opening is imminent. If anyone out there has a way of communicating with the owners or management, please let them know I’d love to be kept in the loop—so I can keep you in the loop. UPDATE: An inside source told a reader that the restaurant is shooting for October 18.

••• “The St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church decided in the fall of 2020 to host a less social but still culturally relevant fundraiser [than its annual festival] by selling traditional, homemade meals to the community under the banner of Greek Grab ’n’ Go. […] Now it’s back again, with orders—which range in price from $5 for dolmas and donuts to $50 for a full dinner platter—being accepted until October 16 for pickups at the church on October 29 and 30.” —Independent

••• Fresco Cafe has opened on E. Canon Perdido, and it posted the menu.

••• Saveur has a nice write-up about the food culture that Daisy and Greg Ryan of Bell’s are fostering in Los Alamos. Of note: “Priedite and Dwan [of Priedite Barbecue] hope to eventually open a brick-and-mortar, but one that makes room for constant creativity—perhaps serving barbecue on weekends, burgers on Tuesdays, and Monday night smoked chicken—and encapsulating the experiential energy they’ve cultivated.”

••• Thai Bistro has replaced TAP Thai on State Street in San Roque. I don’t see an online presence yet but I did take photos of the menu (here and here).

••• Bibi Ji is opening an outpost called Dhaba Ji in Las Vegas.

••• Ventura’s Fatty Vegan has closed. —805 Foodie

••• Beach Liquor in Carpinteria closed, which is not a surprise as the whole block is being developed with shops, restaurants, and offices.Restaurant Guy

••• I finally made it to Saint Bibiana pizzeria, in the former Little Kitchen space on W. Ortega. I ordered a Margherita to go, and even after the ten-minute drive home, I hoovered it right up. It reminded me of the classic New York City pizza sold by the slice, but with an appealing upgrade (roasted tomatoes, garlic confit, a dash of lemon…).


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That pizza does look good! I was sad to see Little Kitchen close but that makes me a little less sad…


Hi Erik, can you give us any information about the new coffee house that’s opening in carpinteria where the catering company was? I pass by there and they are doing an extensive remodel and their new patio looks amazing. Any information would be appreciated.
Carp local out.

Erik Torkells

All I know is that it’s the same owners as Omni Catering/Teddy’s and that it’s called Brass Bird Coffee Co. (


I called omni catering and left a message. If I hear anything I will let you know.

Thank you


The former owners of Little Kitchen opened Rodeo Room in the Funk Zone with nibbles and cocktails.


I was there on a slow Sunday a few months back seating at the bar with a friend. We asked for a game to be put on the TV they have behind the bar and bartenders were very accommodating and did so. 20 minutes later the owner walks in and turns the TV to a screen saver. Bartenders told him we were watching the game and his response was we don’t show sports here. Felt very welcoming. My buddy closed our tab right away and we left. Not planning to go back anytime soon.



This is from a very reliable source.
Your right same owners that own omni catering & teddys by the sea in Carpinteria are also planning on opening a second location in the (San Roque) area where the old Makenzie Market was located and that restaurant will be called “ Teddys on State “ this same group is opening a coffee house “ Brass Bird Coffee” I was told they will open the Carpinteria coffee house in about a month.
I am going to try and tag along to their opening party .

Carpinteria local out!

Erik Torkells

We’ve actually known about the San Roque location for a while but I appreciate your enthusiasm and have fun at the party

ES Corchero

Saint Bibiana has become a favorite — I can’t quite explain it, but it’s just so good. Maybe it is because I love a NY slice — but I find myself just going back. I hope they get the love they deserve in a town full of pizza variations.