Café Stella Announced a Closing Date

••• Don’t be fooled by the name: Validation Ale is more than just a beer hall, with a robust menu of food. With those big windows and doors open, it makes a delightful place for lunch—and on the weekday I went, it was nice and quiet. The more people in your party, the easier you’ll find it to justify the totchos (above).

••• Le Café Stella announced a closing date of September 30, reports Restaurant Guy. As you read here a month and a half ago, Brass Bear Brewing is taking over the space.

••• Fresco Cafe pushed its opening back to this Thursday, September 29.

••• Mony’s now offers three breakfast burritos (the chorizo one was always available as an off-menu item, but the other two are new). But you have to wait till the restaurant opens at 10:30 a.m.

••• Matty’s Hot Chicken has left the Public Market and says a new location will be announced soon. —Edible Santa Barbara

••• Let’s see more of this: Dart Coffee Co. no longer charges extra for non-dairy milks.

••• The Independent profiled the Tamar Middle Eastern pop-up at Third Window. Chef Logan “Jones hopes to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant, which would serve both lunch and dinner.” Maybe he could just take over Zaytoon….

••• “New Isla Vista restaurant Checo’s plans to hold a grand opening at 10 a.m. Saturday, October 1.” It’s a taqueria. —Noozhawk (Update 9/27: It opened early, reports Restaurant Guy: “‘This is a Central Mexican restaurant,’ says chef and partner Sergio ‘Checo’ Ortega. ‘We’re from Central West. I’m from Michoacán which defines the influence. Everything is made from scratch. We make our own tortillas. Every salsa is from scratch. Rice, every meat, this is what Mexican food is to me.'”)


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Katherine S.

Hi Erik! Maybe you knew this but Mony’s bfast burritos are available (have been for some time) at Dart’s in the AM! ☺️

Coffee snob

I hope brass bear keeps in mind that San Roque deserves a place where adults can enjoy a nice meal without kids yelling and screaming like they do in their other location.

Proud Daddy

Can’t wait to see my kids and their friends running around that huge grassy area while I enjoy a beverage, man. If you don’t like it, go to the other 99% of bars that don’t allow kids!

Erik Torkells

Thanks! The premade burritos never held the same appeal for me, but they’d certainly do in a pinch.

Coffee snob

P.D. Why not enjoy this establishment as it is in the funk zone and pray that owners are aware of need for a nice place where you can take that special someone in your life for a quiet romantic dinner in this neighborhood.

✌️ peace out.


my kids love the beer and burgers at brass beer….they usually stop yelling and screaming as soon as the beer arrives….we are looking forward to having them move closer to our neighborhood. FYI…A beer and burger joint is definitely not where I would go for a quiet romantic dinner date?