Bellosguardo Is Opening for Tours

There are some benefits—or at least one—of waking up too early: I was among the first people to receive a 4 a.m. email from Bellosguardo, Huguette Clark’s mansion overlooking the Pacific. [UPDATE: Upon further reflection, I’ve redacted the password info necessary to make a reservation. It seems only fair to respect Bellosguardo’s intent to reward donors and supporters.]

We are in the final stages of our Conditional Use Permit application with the city. As we prepare to open to the public, we will be holding small, docent-led tours to refine the experience of visiting Bellosguardo.

Created by Bill Dedman, author of Empty Mansions, the tour will introduce guests to the art, history, myths, and magic of the ADA-accessible portions of the main residence.

We are thrilled to offer these tours to our donors and early supporters before opening to the general public in the new year. If you are interested, please make a reservation.

Currently, we are scheduling through February 2023. Moving forward, we will increase the number of tours and guests we can accommodate. As that happens, we will be able to offer tours at lower price points—but this is a unique chance for an intimate Bellosguardo experience.

Our thanks for your past generosity and continued support as we transform Bellosguardo into the center for arts and culture that Mrs. Clark envisioned.

The tickets are $100 each, no photography is allowed inside, and “all guests must arrive via a personal vehicle, rideshare/taxi, or bicycle.” I suspect they will sell out immediately; the wise move is to get on Bellosguardo’s mailing list for news of when the next batch opens up. Or you can apply to become a docent. P.S. While you’re at it, subscribe to receive Siteline’s email updates….


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