An Intriguing Rumor About the Former Cava Space

••• There have been plenty of rumors about the former Cava space on Coast Village Road—including that Nobu and Handlebar were each taking it over—but the one with the most credibility is that the Montesano Group (Lucky’s, Tre Lune, et al) will be leasing the space. Moreover, they’re said to be shooting for a Michelin-level establishment. P.S. When I say something is a rumor, I mean just that—someone with a reasonable connection to the matter said something that passed the plausibility test enough to warrant mentioning, but it’s unconfirmed and possibly inaccurate. UPDATE: Sometimes posting a rumor smokes out other info—such as that the site will actually be an outpost of popular Aspen restaurant Clark’s (and not necessarily with the Montesano Group’s involvement). As always, tips are welcome and anonymity is guaranteed: text 917-209-6473 or email [email protected].

••• Goleta’s Red Pepper Restaurant appears not to be opening on De La Vina after all. —Restaurant Guy

••• Mangione’s Italian Ice Co. has opened on State Street (Victoria/Figueroa), and it makes for a light, refreshing treat on a hot day. (A sign on the wall explains what Italian ice is, if you’ve never heard of it.) I went with lemon….

••• The Independent profiles Hungry Planet, which is based in St. Louis but one of whose cofounders, Jody Boyman, lives here: “With textured soy protein as a common base, the company’s line includes nine different meats—beef, chicken, pork, lamb, turkey, crab, chorizo, Italian sausage, and breakfast sausage—that come in an array of forms, from ground to cutlets to entire meals, like chicken piccata, Salisbury steak, and penne pasta with sausage.” Salisbury steak!

••• See’s Candies is reportedly opening a shop on Calle Real in Goleta. —Restaurant Guy

••• Public service announcement for all the people I see waiting in line at Dart Coffee Co.: the annex in the garden across the street is often open, and it’s a lovely place to hang out. The face-mask part of the sign is outdated, but diving remains ill-advised.


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A Michelin star from Montesano Group? That’s a stretch. The food at Lucky’s has devolved to tasting and looking like it fell off a Sysco truck. It used to be good. It’s practically inedible these days.

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