A New Home Design Store on State Street

••• 747 Designs is a new shop at 619A State Street (Ortega/Cota) selling both vintage and custom furniture and decorative objects, along with contemporary and vintage art. It’s open now and planning a grand opening party for March 13.

••• The Gorjana chain of jewelry shops is coming to Coast Village Road, next to the Liquor & Wine Grotto. The company—which has 14 shops in California, three in New York, and one in Arizona—sells “jewelry with intention,” as opposed the usual frivolous stuff.

••• Back in July, Edith Caldwell Abode announced that her Edith Caldwell Abode store on E. De La Guerra Plaza would be shuttering, and that day appears to be near, as “closing soon” signs have appeared in the window. The signs also say “everything must go,” but the inside looks like most everything has already gone.

••• Sansum Clinic emailed out a Covid update from medical director Marjorie Newman, M.D. The top-line summary is below, and the full update is here.

There is a marked dip in new cases, nationally, locally and right here at Sansum Clinic.

Hospital utilization in this illness lags behind the trends in outpatient cases. It takes a while between diagnosis and the time people get sick enough to be in the hospital. Even though the outpatient trend has only recently flipped in a more positive direction, hospital utilization has begun to fall a bit. But, they are still very impacted by Covid-19 cases.

Dr. Newman talks about the very great challenges in vaccine availability nationally, locally and at Sansum Clinic. She also mentions the important collaborative relationships of Sansum Clinic, the PHD and our local hospitals. They have really stepped up to help our community get vaccinated, as we all struggle to get the vaccine we need.

She talks about the new information coming out about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, including the advantage of it being a single dose vaccine. She reviews the important distinction of vaccine effectiveness in terms of preventing any degree of illness from Covid-19 (important, of course) and preventing hospitalization and death (incredibly important).

She reviews the still evolving information about the new variants of the virus which arise from naturally occurring mutations, and then tend to be named after the place in which they are first found. This is an important arena which we will learn more about in the months ahead.

••• Scorpion Anchorage on Santa Cruz Island has reopened, with a campground to follow. Any guesses what “hazardous trees” could mean?

••• If you enjoy the real estate coverage on this site, you’ll probably relate to this Saturday Night Live parody….


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