A Marvelous Mansion on the Front Row of Eucalyptus Hill

Noteworthy new listings….

Designed by Carleton Winslow and built in 1923, 109 Rametto Road ($17.5 million) has an upstairs-downstairs situation going on. The main level is palatial, with grand proportions and exquisite details. The lower level feels like it’s more for the staff, save the game room and theater. (The grandkids sleep in a four-bunk room next to the laundry. No mollycoddling here!) The pool deck is nothing short of spectacular, and the views are primo. P.S. You will hear the action at the Montecito Club’s sports complex.


The last owner of 1530 Mimosa Lane ($16.5 million) played the pandemic market beautifully, selling the Hedgerow house in early 2021 for nearly $3 million more ($11.7 million) than he/she was asking right before Covid broke. The current owner seems to be hoping for some of the same magic. The property is pure charm, a 1924 five-bedroom with a guest house on nearly two acres, with pool, tennis court, and room to spare. The prime demo would seem to be a family on the younger side, given the walking distance to three elementary schools and the upstairs primary bedroom. And they’ll be less likely to be bothered by the sound of kids enjoying recess at Laguna Blanca next door.


The price of 172 Santa Elena Lane ($8.495 million) made my eyes pop—that’s quite a number for the Montecito Oaks part of town, which hasn’t received the updating over the years that the Lower Village and Hedgerow have. In the property’s favor, and this is no small thing, it’s 3,883 square feet, turnkey, and on .77 acre, which is big for the area. Six bedrooms is great if you need them, but four share two Jack-and-Jill baths, and you might rather some of that space had gone to a proper family room.


Getting to 7427 Shepard Mesa Road ($4.5 million) is a schlep, because it’s at the far end of the one-way part of the road. Once there, however, you’re rewarded with a cool 1952 midcentury-style house with insane views from the living room and the mega deck. The current owners clearly like to host a gathering.


The 1910 Craftsman at 1616 Grand Avenue ($2.95 million) on the Lower Riviera could be made to look so good—the decor needs to get out of the way of the architecture. The bigger issue is that there are plans to build a 30-unit apartment complex across the street.


1727 N. Refugio Road ($4.6 million) is a 1964 hacienda on 5.11 acres east of Ballard, although much of that is front-yard buffer. The rooms have innate style, thanks in good part to the brick, and there’s an eight-car garage. But is the solar array really visible from the house?


And a few others worth checking out:
••• 100 W. Valerio Street ($4.195 million): The 120-year old Queen Anne at the corner of Chapala Street (below) sold for $4.04 million in June; the description from last time still fits.
••• 1557 Miramar Lane ($3.595 million): 1962 Hedgerow three-bedroom in need of an update.
••• 2212 State Street ($1.995 million): 1946 fixer with one bath between Los Olivos Street and Pueblo Street.
••• 1725 East Valley Road ($1.895 million): .97-acre vacant lot at the entrance to Glen Oaks.
••• 2411 Calle Montilla ($2.735 million): Westwood Hills five-bedroom, three-bath with a tight kitchen, small windows, and a lot of mulch.
••• 317 Loma Vista Avenue ($1.479 million): 987-square-foot Bungalow Haven cottage with two bedrooms—but the lone bathroom is only accessible via the primary bedroom.


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That house must be the home of the late Anthony Mozilo of Countrywide infamy. He filed suit against the Montecito Club and while changes were made the pickleball noise will be constant and if you’ve heard it essentially a deal breaker. Perhaps that is reflected in the price already. We will see…


I want to change all of the finishes on Shepherd Mesa but wow, that view is to die for! Will be going to the open house. My concerns would be what might happen with the undeveloped ag land right below the property. If the state has its way it’s not an exaggeration to say that could end up an apartment building in the long term.


That is the front yard- all the way to Refugio rd. Please do attend the open house so you can update your fear mongering!