Countrywide’s Former CEO Is at War With the Montecito Club

••• Former Countrywide Financial CEO Angelo Mozilo is suing the Montecito Club. “The Montecito Club is directly adjacent to Mozilo’s home. In early 2021, the country club expanded its outdoor facilities by converting its sports court into an outdoor Sports Complex, which includes two pickleball courts, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court, a badminton court, a sledding hill, and baseball batting cages. The club did not obtain the required building permit for the addition and failed to obtain the required planning permission from the City of Santa Barbara, [Judge Thomas] Anderle’s tentative ruling noted. According to Mozilo, since the club’s reopening in April, the noise from the Sports Complex has destroyed his ability to enjoy his home.” It’s hard to know whom to root against in this fight. —Independent

••• “Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is scheduled to have [another] mediation session with furloughed employees July 10.” —Santa Barbara News-Press

••• “A Santa Barbara man has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of wire fraud and money laundering in what federal prosecutors allege was an elaborate Ponzi scheme that fleeced victims of about $12 million.” —Noozhawk

••• Remember the Riviera homeowner who illegally cut down four trees? The charges against him and his landscaper have been upgraded from misdemeanors to felonies. —Edhat

••• “A coalition of community groups known as SUN, or Sustainable University Now, […] accuses UCSB and [chancellor Henry] Yang of breaching a legally binding 2010 Long Range Development Plan in which the university pledged to cap its enrollment at 25,000 students through the year 2025, to build dormitories for the 5,000 students it planned on adding, and to construct 1,800 new units for its growing ranks of faculty and staff. Since then, SUN says, UCSB has already exceeded its cap, built enough dorms to house only 1,500 new students, and provided a paltry 263 faculty units.” —Independent

••• Santa Barbara City “Council Approves Plan to Relocate Residents of Fire-Prone Encampments to State Street Motel […] $1.6 Million Pilot Program Will Include Security and Services and Last 120 Days.” —Independent

••• “The Turner Foundation held a ribbon-cutting and open house for a property [in Santa Barbara] that will house a dozen young people who aged out of foster care or are experiencing homelessness. […] It’s actually three separate homes for transitional age youth ages 18-24.” —KEYT

••• “Los Angeles County advised its residents on Tuesday to resume wearing masks indoors, when everyone’s vaccination status is unknown, after finding the Delta variant in nearly half its sequenced samples. […] Santa Barbara County had two reported cases of Delta in April and currently has none. According to [infectious disease specialist Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons], it was only a matter of time before cases mushroom in the county, as they have elsewhere.” —Independent


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Mozilo “can’t enjoy his home?” People should remind him how many Americans lost their homes due to his ponzi scheme greed…how the world economy tanked due to his souless, heartless scam. He disgusts me.