Your Recall Ballot Should Arrive Soon (So Please Vote)

••• The new 23-apartment building under construction at 800 Santa Barbara Street (at De La Guerra) has come a long way in recent months. The parts with balconies look nice, but the corner—above the truck in the photo—is awkward; it looks like it belongs on the back of the building. Maybe there are plans for a tree or two.

••• From the city: “The City Council appointed Rebecca Bjork interim City Administrator effective September 11, 2021. […] The City Council will conduct an executive search and recruitment for the next City Administrator, a process anticipated to take approximately six months.”

••• Passes and ticket packages for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (March 2-12) are 25% off until August 31.

••• A notice from the county about the gubernatorial recall election on September 14: “All registered voters in the State of California will automatically receive a ballot in the mail beginning August 16. If a registered voter does not receive their ballot by August 22, they should immediately contact the Santa Barbara County Registrar of Voters office at 805-568-2200.” Please vote in this election! It should be able to go without saying that recalling Newsom is a terrible idea. I don’t care if you dislike him (which is irrelevant), or if you think he’s a hypocrite for attending that French Laundry dinner (who among us didn’t gather inappropriately at least once during the pandemic?). He’s far and away the only competent candidate to lead the state, and the last thing anyone should want is some numbnut at the reins of the world’s fifth-largest economy. We’re all tired of the pandemic, but take out your frustration somewhere else.

••• 805 Foodie reported in an Instagram story that the Well (of Summerland) is opening a store/event space in the Mira Monte part of Ojai.

••• Our mailbox got wrenched open and robbed the other night, which means we need to finally take our (awesome!) postal carrier’s advice and get a more secure one—and perhaps you should, too. As you can see in the second photo below, however, replacing ours won’t be simple. If anyone knows someone who might be able to help us with this, please let me know at [email protected] or 917-209-6473. I’d hate not to get that recall ballot….


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My vote us YES on recall with a ✔️ next to Larry Elders name.

This is the Governor of California quoted yesterday….
“Gavin Newsom ‘incredibly proud’ of Biden amid Afghanistan debacle, doubles down on campaigning with him”



As far as mail theft goes- here in the SYV its routine to read Facebook posts listing “mail from N Refugio 1600-2200 blocks, Samantha Dr 200-900 blocks and then listing the general address of where found.

The best posts include phone camera photos of thieves in action!