Wunderkind Is a Welcome Jolt of Style in Montecito’s Upper Village

Philip Manghisi didn’t intend to open another boutique so soon—the original Wunderkind debuted in Scottsdale just over a year ago—but when the severity of the seasonality there really hit him, he started browsing real estate listings in other places, and we all know how that ends. He spotted the former Birgit Klein showroom in Montecito’s Upper Village just days after it came online, and within two hours of seeing the space in person, he made an offer.

The Montecito Wunderkind is a quarter of the size of the flagship, but it’s packed with women’s apparel, accessories (including some rather fabulous shoes), jewelry, and a bit of home decor. Much of it overlaps with Scottsdale, except there are a few lines that are only here and, in a nod toward our more low-key style, you won’t find any “true cocktail or evening,” says Manghisi.

My suspicion has always been that people prefer to look at merchandise rather than read about it, so enough with the text. There’s more about Manghisi and Wunderkind here, and if you love fashion, I encourage you to check out the shop.


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