Will Oprah Winfrey Add to Her Montecito Estate?

••• The one-acre lot at 264 Santa Rosa Lane has come on the market for $1.8 million; it’s adjacent to Oprah Winfrey’s main 66-acre property and 1690 San Leandro Lane, the four-acre property she bought in November from Jeff Bridges. Broker Sally Hanseth of Coldwell Banker, who also represented Bridges, has presumably already reached out to Winfrey. Last time, Winfrey waited six months for the price to drop.

••• The Santa Barbara International Film Festival announced the dates for next year’s festival: January 27 to February 6.

••• The Montecito Association included this in yesterday’s email update about the coronavirus outbreak: “We have about 50 N95 masks in the office, thought to be somewhat effective at halting the spread of the virus. You’re welcome to pick one up. We’ve been busily trying to procure more, but there’s an international shortage at present. Direct Relief may make some available soon—if they do, we’ll let you know.” The virus is certainly scary, but couldn’t those masks be put to better use in other places?

••• A marvelous bit of bureaucratese in a release from the city about a Milpas Corridor event on January 30: “The purpose of the Approach Workshop is to learn the themes of what we heard at the Listening Workshop and to review some approaches to address the themes.” Anyway, here’s a flyer about the event, which is regarding “walking, biking, traffic, parking, lighting, parkway trees, and landscaping needs” from Canon Perdido to the 101.

••• Opening March 22 at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art: In the Meanwhile… Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art. “This two-part exhibition highlights recent acquisitions to SBMA’s permanent collection of contemporary art. Featuring over 40 artworks in a variety of media, including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, and sculpture, the majority of the objects are on view at SBMA for the first time. These include painted works on paper by emerging artists acquired through the recently established Basil Alkazzi Acquisition Fund, as well as significant pieces by internationally recognized artists such as Sterling Ruby, Andrea Bowers, and Nigel Cooke. Tying these artworks together is a distinct sense of individuality, innovative use of materials, and playful ambiguity between traditional artistic genres.” Below: “Nathlie Provosty, Council, Untitled (16-38), 2016. Watercolor on paper, diptych. SBMA, Museum purchase with funds provided by The Basil Alkazzi Acquisition Fund. Image courtesy of Nathalie Karg Gallery. © Nathlie Provosty.”