What’s Next for the Santa Barbara Public Market

••• More changes are in store at the Santa Barbara Public Market, says co-owner Travis Twining. The front and back bar will be run by the Public Market, in coordination with Tim Cooney of Simply Cocktails. The front bar will remain a sports bar, but with the addition of craft cocktails, and the back bar will eventually get remodeled in to a “fun, funky lounge.” Three Monkeys will handle the food for both bars; we can expect sliders, wings, and more. As for Shalhoob’s former food counter, a “well-known local chef,” name TBA, plans to sell sandwiches and salads there. Wexler’s Deli, meanwhile, should open within the next few weeks. Lastly, the event space next door at 28 W. Victoria Street—named 28Vic—will open within the next 30 days. Catering for events there can be from the Public Market, including the option of kiosks from each vendor. UPDATE 3/22: Wexler’s announced an opening date of April 8. The hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., to start.

••• Yetz’s Bagels is taking over the entire Dank Bowl Kitchen space in Isla Vista. If you haven’t tried Yetz’s yet, I recommend it. —Daily Nexus

••• The Nugget is opening an outpost in Carpinteria, in the space that was supposed to be Linden Hall (892 Linden Avenue). —Restaurant Guy

••• Starting March 25, Caruso’s is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a three-course menu for $145. It “allows guests to curate their own gastronomic journey through the Central Coast by selecting three courses that speak to them from our four-course menu.” Also available: four courses for $165 and eight courses for $275.

••• Dart Coffee Co. is now saying that it hopes its café at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum will debut in April.

••• Ojai favorite Rory’s Place, still recovering from a fire in December, is aiming to reopen in early summer. In the meantime, in the next few weeks, it will open Rory’s Other Place next door, offering coffee, soft-serve, breakfast, lunch, grocery items, and wine.

••• Indian Tandoori Kingdom has opened at 1026 State Street (Carrillo/Figueroa).


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Carp foodie

Can anyone please tell me why the nugget would open another restaurant in carpinteria after not being able to keep the nugget open..? I just don’t get it. Maybe they are trying to prove something?? Who knows!

Anyone else curious?

Carp foodie out!


With The Palms closed it seems like a good move, where do Carp locals hang out these days?


Teddys is my go to place when a want a stiff drink and probably the best fish tacos in the area. Not to mention all the good looking girls that work there.


Jimmy Jam

Yeah I don’t get it either, especially in that small space. I go to the Nugget in Summerland for the ambiance and nostalgia, but not necessarily for the food….
And not sure where other locals hang out, but there’s not really a replacement for the Palms yet, and this certainly won’t be it.

LP Baker

I don’t know what Nugget the Carp foodie is talking about because the original Nugget in Summerland is open with lines to get in from 5PM-8:30Pm when they close. It will do really well in Carpinteria…..maybe even stay open a little later! Every Entre is delicious…..

Dr Drag

Bring on the culinary diversity! I welcome any and all creative restauranteurs to expand the drinking and dining scene in Carp.—especially establishments with such generous pours as The Nugget. Now if we can just get places to stay open past 9….

Donald Polk

Why was the Public Market’s outdoor dining parklet on Victoria Street removed? I for one am now a lot less likely to patronize it, a step backwards from efforts to make the Market successful and help revitalize downtown.


This is sad to read. We loved eating outside there. It is so, so noisy when dining inside.


Maybe they should put an outdoor dining patio on the roof…lots of sq ft and views to boot :)


I’m sad the outdoor area is gone too! We no longer go to the public market as they don’t allow dogs inside and we want fresh air without all the noise. We used to be regulars.


I was curious to find out more about the new Indian restaurant that you highlight, Indian Tandoori Kingdom, and went to the website, I am very confused by the photos of their staff (they look like stock photos) that they have posted. Seems the names associated with the pics are off. There is also a quote/poem, on the “About” page contributed to Christopher Nolan and another by Steven Spielberg? Perhaps the website was pushed out before it was finished and reviewed. Could the pics of the chefs and the quotes/poems be placeholders?

Erik Torkells

I would assume the website is a template that they haven’t fully customized yet.


Definitely worth the trip to Isla Vista to pick up some Yetz bagels. They are as good as, or even better, than any New York bagel and that is saying a LOT!