Via Maestra Enoteca Has Opened

••• Via Maestra Enoteca has opened—as you can see, I was there for the joyous moment when the Bitar family tore the paper off the windows. “The wine is what’s on the shelves,” says Georges Bitar of the wine bar/shop a few doors west of Via Maestra 42. “Grab a bottle and we’ll open it for you, or we have an energetic list of wines by the glass.” The wines come from all over the world—and for that matter, the food can, too, because the establishment is entirely bring-your-own-food. There’s no kitchen, and if you order from Via Maestra proper, you’ll be eating in to-go containers. (Anyone not inclined to alcohol can try one of the Italian sodas created by Nicole Bitar.) Via Maestra Enoteca is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 10 p.m.; dogs are very welcome; and I get the impression that you’re pretty much guaranteed to chat with neighboring patrons.

••• I hear that Mony’s is working on adding indoor seating….

••• And I hear that Skyfield, the farm-to-table restaurant/shop hybrid in the works at the Black Sheep’s old location (Anacapa and Ortega), plans on bringing in chefs for a few months at a time.

••• And at an event the other night, three different people told me that they’ve heard Nobu is opening at the Four Seasons Biltmore resort. The rumor makes a lot of sense: Nobu has been trying to get into Montecito for a while now, and the Biltmore could use a big name (and the Nobu chain continues to have a strong following, even though it has more than 50 restaurants worldwide, many of which are in hotels). The restaurant will have large sliding panels, as you can see below.

••• Due to staffing issues, Cold Spring Tavern will not be open for dinner this summer, but it’ll stay open till 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

••• Have you been to Dart Coffee Co.‘s new outpost at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum yet The terrace overlooking the harbor is easily the prettiest place in town to have a coffee (with Dart’s Funk Zone garden coming in second).


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Nobu is better suited for the Miramar with their ridiculous attitude. Yes, the food can be excellent but good sushi is really not that hard to find, just head up coast village road…


If you are talking about Sushi Bar that is a totally different omakase experience then the many options you can find on the Nobu menu.


Redoing the Biltmore for years just to put a Nobu in is so unbearably cringe

Karen F

The new Enoteca bar place is quite gawdy. I walked by it the other day on the way to the post office, peeked inside, looks like it was decorated by my grandmother with all the fake flowers.

Nina Meyer

Congratulations to the Bitar Family! The Via Maestra Enoteca is a charming addition to San Roque Plaza. The decor is very reminiscent of the authentic enotecas of old Italy. Their selections of wine are exceptional, and what a fun way to enjoy a glass and relax in between shopping. Thank you for the months of hard work and innovation to bring this inviting new business to our community!