Update on Highway 101 Improvements in Summerland

••• “The $89 million in funding allocated for the construction of Highway 101 carpool lanes in the Summerland area was delayed by the California Transportation Commission on Thursday because of a procedural omission of final environmental documentation for the project.” The start of construction might be affected, but not the overall timeline. Moreover, “state highway projects that were allocated funds include a $42 million project to restore Highway 101 near Summerland in the county from north of the Padaro Lane overcrossing to north of Sheffield Avenue. The project will replace the pavement and guardrail, widen the highway shoulders and upgrade the drainage system.” —Noozhawk

••• From Edhat: “That massive boat […] in Santa Barbara’s harbor [is] the 109m super yacht Bravo Eugenia owned by Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones.” But shouldn’t it be Brava Eugenia? Jones told Yachts International that “the name is a tribute to his wife, Gene (Eugenia), who was the driving force behind the yacht’s creation.”

••• “Santa Barbara County officials offered guidance on school waivers for Fall instruction and warn salon owners who have reopened indoor operations against state health mandates.” —Edhat

••• “Caltrans has completed a two-week project to reduce fire hazards along the Highway 101 corridor between Los Carneros Road and Fairview Avenue in Goleta, where several encampment fires sparked last month. In total, Caltrans removed more than 60 tons of underbrush and cleared paths so that emergency responders have access to the area [….] Crews cleared brush and dead vegetation, trimmed trees and pruned remaining tree canopies in order to reduce the fire hazard.” —Noozhawk

••• “The California Avocado Festival will celebrate in a hybrid way in October, but it will not include a multi-day street event as has been seen in the past 33 years. […] The poster, hats, shirts and collectables will be sold every Thursday at the Farmers’ Market on Linden Ave. […] There are also plans to have a virtual show featuring sponsors, growers and entertainment. Some restaurants are also planning a special menu for the festival week.” Semi-related: I’ve always wanted one of those “Avocado theft is a crime” signs you see around the area, but only legit growers can get one. Anyone care to sell one? —KEYT

••• “The NCAA officially removed the College Cup from UCSB’s athletic calendar on Thursday. […] The Final Four for men’s soccer, which was previously held at UCSB’s 16,000-seat stadium in 2010 and 2018, was set to make a third return on Dec. 11 and 13.” —News-Press

••• “Talking with Santa Barbara School Board Candidate Monie de Wit […] After Years of Blasting District, Outspoken Literacy and Dyslexia Advocate Makes a Bid for the Board.” —Independent


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