Two New Shops at the Montecito Country Mart

••• C Magazine’s Studio C shop is now at the Montecito Country Mart, a better fit for the haute bobo aesthetic than its last home, Summerland. Note the white sign—could the rest of the storefronts be getting something similar?

••• And the Montecito Country Mart posted that Clare V. will soon open a boutique there.

••• From the Santa Barbara International Film Festival: “Watch director Leah Bleich’s film about the bees of Santa Barbara, and the people that love them. By delving into the eccentric world of backyard beekeeping, this short documentary provides an angle on the small but powerful ways that everyday people can help the planet.” And then there’s a discussion on Thursday.

••• From the county: “The County of Santa Barbara hosted six virtual community meetings in July to receive feedback and answer questions about the amended Cannabis Business License (Chapter 50) regulating cannabis retail storefront licensing. Before the Board of Supervisors meets on August 18, County staff is seeking additional feedback via a survey with an interactive map about what might constitute community benefit and compatibility for the Neighborhood Compatibility scoresheet.” I don’t know why people are so worked up about the head shops, when the real threat to their way of life are the cannabis farms.

••• On the way to review Little Dom’s Seafood in Carpinteria, I was surprised to see a “for sale” sign at Eye of the Day Garden Design Center. The only info I could find online appears to be from last year.

••• Thanks to the reader who pointed out that SeaVees‘s new headquarters at 430 Chapala (at Haley) is for rent. Before Anacapa Architecture totally redid the building, it was the site of Alchemy Spa and Café. Not sure what this means for the shoe company….