Trattoria Vittoria Has Closed After 18 Years

••• Trattoria Vittoria has closed after 18 years. The farewell note says that the business is being sold. Anyone know what might be opening in the space?

••• Cutler’s Artisan Spirits sent over an update about its Public House & Distillery Headquarters, opening soon at 418 N. Salsipuedes Street (Gutierrez/Haley), next to Carr Winery. “It will serve as our primary production facility, distillery headquarters, and feature a front-of-house full bar and restaurant showcasing the finest and freshest cocktails made from our very own, handcrafted Cutler’s Spirits and a thoughtfully curated food menu featuring a wide variety of smoked BBQ and American comfort cuisine.”

••• Dang Burger is now opening at 11:30 a.m., which is great news for those of us who can’t wait till noon.

••• Friends served us Pascucci salad dressing recently, and we loved it. You can buy it at Tri-County Produce.

••• Press release: “Panos Brands, a provider of branded consumer foods, is pleased to announce that it has acquired The Santa Barbara Smokehouse business. […] Panos Brands is a consumer food products company that manages a differentiated portfolio of specialty food brands across multiple categories and channels. Panos is an acronym that precisely defines the company’s mission to offer premium, authentic, natural, organic, and specialty foods throughout the world.”

••• Two notes from Ojai: 1) Rory’s Other Place is a worthy spot for lunch—it has a few sandwiches and a few bowls (including the Korean-style one, below), not to mention a sundae made with buffalo milk soft serve; 2) the Hotel El Roblar, where the Oaks spa used to be, is really shaping up.

••• Jonesy’s Fried Chicken, from Kyle Jones of Craft Wood Fired Catering, opens June 12 in the former Red Pepper space on Orange Avenue in Goleta. The Instagram page has been making seductive promises: biscuits, homemade pickles, banana pudding, sea salt pecan ice cream sandwiches….


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The Pascucci salad dressing, I believe, is the recipe from the long gone, beloved restaurant Mousse Odile (which was located on 18 E. Cota Street) The dressing is great. They also had the best quiches. So miss that place.

Laura knight

Thank you for the posting Jillian!!!! Yes that’s a fun true fact! Mousse Odile was a beloved French restaurant on E.Cota in the 70s and 80s, after closing the restaurant, the two sisters kept the dressing going for many years, eventually selling the formula to a couple that made it for several years… they were going to stop production of the dressing and we bought it about 20 years ago, my ex-boyfriend Rick Garcia (well-known fine artist/painter in town) keeps the production going and bottling at Santa Barbara Olive company. It’s a great dressing, but more than a salad dressing, we use it mixed in our bruschetta, it’s on our grilled asparagus, very versatile and a local favorite for over 50 years!
Pascucci celebrated our 30th anniversary last year and we appreciate all of our loyal regular customers!


I will be opening an ode to my parent’s favorite “Mousse Odile” restaurant with a French / Latin inspired food truck nearby called Mousse Orale Vato. We will feature tacos de escargot with garlic butter and cilantro salsa, and Birria Bourguignon – a take on the classic French dish popularized by our beloved Julia Child but with a Oaxacan twist. We are still in the process of creating our menu. Stay tuned.


We used to own Timeless Treasures just down the block from Mousse Odile and loved that place. Any chance you will bring back a version of their delicious lamb loin sandwich served on those fantastic foot-long mini baguettes?

Rick Garcia

It’s also available at Lazy Acres, Mesa Produce, Gelsons and Pacific Health in Carp.


Oh, my WORD!!! That buffalo milk soft serve at Rory’s Other Place is NEXT LEVEL!!! I’m more of a cookie person, but recently had the vanilla bean and milk chocolate soft serve there and it was INSANE!!! My husband and I shared one serving with our dear friend and all spoons were clicking! LOL! That soft serve was gone in a HOT SECOND!!! It’s honestly worth the hour drive to Ojai. With May Gray being what it is and June Gloom on the horizon a dash up to Ojai to enjoy the sunshine and some buffalo milk soft serve might be just the ticket! Hiking to search for Owl’s Clover, Wild Peonies and Mariposa Lillies before or afterward would make the journey to Ojai even more of an adventure! Cheers!