The World War II POW Camp West of Goleta

••• A highlight of the current edition of the Independent: The four-page advertising insert for Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter, or BUNS, a nonprofit that “cares for and re-homes stray and abandoned rabbits and guinea pigs at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter.” It’s seeking donations, naturally, but you can also visit (although not right now). If you own a rabbit or guinea pig, you can also bring it to the monthly hoppy hour.

••• Antica Furnishings, the antiques shop at 133 E. Carrillo (Santa Barbara Street), has had signs in the window for months (years?) saying that it’s closing. Now, it’s running ads indicating the space is available for sublet, so perhaps the end really is near. Anyway, everything is on sale.

••• Caught up in the announcement about real estate agents being discouraged from doing showings, I missed that inspections are off, too. A rough time to be mid-deal…. Construction is still acceptable—perhaps they have better lobbyists.

••• As a throwback, Edible Santa Barbara tweeted about an interesting article on Goleta History about “the remains of a water tower from a prisoner of war camp” visible from the 101. The “camp operated for 14 months, from October 1944 until December 1945 and housed about 250 prisoners. Most of the POWs were professional men from General Rommel’s elite Africa Corps. Some were hardcore believers in Hitler’s ‘Master Race’ theories and they had no doubt Germany would win the war.” An interesting read (photo courtesy Goleta History).

••• The folks at Variant Training Lab, in the same complex as REI, has posted some workout videos for everyone to do at home.

••• A recent sale of note: 1385 School House Road in Montecito sold quickly for its asking price, $3.195 million. It was a very livable spec renovation, if better suited for a family.