The Summer Solstice Celebration Theme Is “Flights of Fancy”

••• The theme of the 2024 Summer Solstice Celebration is Flights of Fancy. Bring on the butterflies! —KEYT (photo via Amazon)

••• Rain is in the forecast for next week. And, as explained by Weather West‘s Daniel Swain (excerpted by Edhat), “the single most likely outcome remains a wetter than average winter across central and southern California, and there’s at least a weak tilt in the odds toward a wetter than average winter in northern California as well. As always, all outcomes remain possible: anything from a very dry to very wet winter remains on the table. But the odds of a very wet winter are likely much higher than a very dry winter this year—mainly due to high confidence in a strong to very strong east-based El Niño event peaking around mid-season.”

••• “Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Montecito House Lawsuit Reaches Verdict in Favor of the Singer […] The ‘Firework’ singer is set to testify in a countersuit at some point in the coming months.” —People

••• “Teachers in the Santa Barbara Unified School District are embroiled in an increasingly bitter and public battle over salaries and staffing levels, and some people trace the conflict to a ‘lack of trust’ that has festered throughout the administration of Superintendent Hilda Maldonado. The departure of veteran senior administrators, and Maldonado’s subsequent replacement of them by people outside of the district, has heightened tensions and fueled skepticism that the district is not dealing in good faith with the union in negotiations.” —Noozhawk

••• After 24 years on lower State Street, Energy Tattoo & Body Piercing has moved to the Mesa. —Independent

••• “The History of Isla Vista.” —Edhat

••• The third article in a Noozhawk series about the former Child Estate, where the Santa Barbara Zoo is now.

••• A New York Times article explaining the mission of the U.S. Space Force doesn’t visit Vandenberg, but it’s still worth a read.


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Wow, the history of Isla Vista article is really interesting. Lived there in 1972/1973 school in a very cool 6 bedroom townhouse on Del Playa. We had great parties, drank coffee at Borsodi’s, ate miso tacos at the Good Earth and falafel’s at the falafel stand, saw movies at the Magic Lantern and cruised around on
our bikes to class and the beach. Paid around $50 in rent but everything was cheaper then!

anne luther

Looking forward to Columnist, Erin Graffy’s, final and 4th installment on the history of the SB Zoo. This series also includes the history of the Child Estate and the Hobo’s of Santa Barbara. Quite wonderful and well written by Ms. Graffy.