The State Street Axe Club Is Opening Soon

••• Jenni Kayne‘s third dedicated home store is now open; it’s in Montecito’s Upper Village, next to Jenni Kayne proper.

••• The State Street Axe Club at 427 State Street (Haley/Gutierrez) set an opening date of August 3 August 5. Speaking of State Street diversions, what on earth is going on with the Aloha Fun Center that was announced for the old Macy’s store last December? UPDATE 7/22: Noozhawk says Aloha Fun Center will open at the end of August.

••• An interesting new endeavor on the horizon: Palma, which founder Meredith Markworth-Pollack describes as “a wellness concept focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection through treatments, events, education and retail.”

••• Santa Barbara’s Maserati dealership is no longer in business, and the Alfa Romeo one has some models but isn’t expecting any new shipments.

••• Has anyone heard anything more about the conversion of the Vons store in Montecito into a Pavilions? I left four voicemails on the Albertsons Companies media line, but I guess the team is busy handling inquiries from Supermarket News. The store is such a missed opportunity—is it too much to ask that it be as nice as the Vons in Turnpike Center?

••• The Santa Barbara Studio Artists’ Open Studios Tour—now I have this in my head—is September 3-5, “with an opening reception on Friday, September 2, from 5 p.m to 8 p.m. at the Community Arts Workshop, 631 Garden Street. Maps and brochures will be available at CAW beginning Sept. 2, at the Friday Night Reception and also on Sept. 3, 4 and 5 at CAW.”

••• The Trey Anastasio Band will be at the Arlington Theatre on October 7.

••• Nine Inch Nails plays the Santa Barbara Bowl on September 13. I love the song “Closer,” and I think the video is riveting, but it’s also nightmarish (so you’ve been warned).


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Patricia Griffin

Tom, the manager of Vons is working to keep the store stocked with good merchandise that we shoppers request . They have a terrific meat department, great floral and always fresh produce and a helpful liquor department and they keep the store clean and organized. The supply issues are annoying for all. I am told the conversion to Pavilions is due to some landlord demands. These people are frustrated . They are so accommodating and will bring in almost anything I request. I for one look forward to the conversion to happen sooner than later. I am a daily shopper and they treat be so well.


In 30 years in Montecito, I only use Von if I have an extreme emergency. Dark and inferior products. I drive over to tri county, Trader Joe’s and Gelsons…would be nice to have a good neighborhood market.


It is our one complaint and that is why is it so hard to have a nice market in Montecito? Vons may have nice folks but it is simply depressing. The upper village store is much nicer but just a tad small.

Peter Sullivan

Aloha Fun’s skating ring seems to be complete from peering into the window. Not sure what’s going on there.