The Six Candidates Running for Mayor of Santa Barbara

••• From NewsmakersCathy Murillo’s chances of winning a new, five-year, term got a boost Tuesday, with official word that the field for mayor of Santa Barbara now comprises six—6, count ’em, 6—candidates. The late entry of publisher Mark Whitehurst, along with the unexpected candidacy of eclectic Funk Zone investor Matt Kilrain, into a field of challengers that already included former city council member Randy Rowse, Planning Commissioner Deborah Schwartz and entrepreneur James Joyce, will further dilute the vote for mayor in the winner-take-all contest, bolstering the weight of incumbent Murillo’s loyal 27 percent base.” Whitehurst is the publisher of Voice, arguably the least essential of Santa Barbara’s free newspapers, which is saying something. As for Kilrain, “The core promise of his campaign: ‘Boat Rat Matt will develop and implement a profit sharing program whereas the citizens own the business of Santa Barbara and recieve (sic) a dividend and a pension for living in Santa Barbara.'”

••• “On Aug. 6 at 4:05 a.m., the Santa Barbara Zoo’s leopard Ajax gave birth to her first cub. The cub weighed 1.1 pounds when it was born and was given the name Marta. This is the first Amur leopard birth at the zoo in over 20 years.” —KSBY

••• “California will become the first state in the nation to require all teachers and school staff to get vaccinated or undergo weekly Covid-19 testing.” —KSBY

••• “Santa Barbara City Council members voted 5-2 to reject Mission Canyon Bridge project options and to direct staff to return in the Fall with funding options for improved pedestrian and multi-model access on both sides of the road.” —KEYT

••• “The attempt to block MarBorg Industries from expanding near the Funk Zone”—actually, it’s a bit to the east—”fell flat for a second time. The Santa Barbara City Council voted 7-0 on Tuesday to deny appellant Guy Dolev’s effort to stop MarBorg from storing portable bathrooms, trucks and other equipment on property it owns at 2 S. Quarantina St.” —Noozhawk

••• From KEYT: “A Santa Barbara man has been arrested after Mexican authorities found his two children dead from an apparent stabbing.” I’d prefer not to include items such as these, because the way tragedy gets turned into grist for the news/entertainment mill makes me queasy, and anyway, you can find more in every other local media outlet, should you choose. But I’ll defer to readers’ wishes, so please let me know (either by commenting or emailing [email protected]) if you feel strongly one way or another about whether this is the kind of news you’d like to see on Siteline.


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jann jaffe

There’s enough coverage on Noozhawk, Edhat , local TV news on stories like what happened in Mexico. Keep with the theme of knowing our city better


Your current content focus is distinctive, interesting and my only daily reading – no need to add the murder stories. Thank you for asking!

Janet Reid

I love your site and Instagram feed, and I’ll confess I especially like it to “escape” news stories like this recent one. So if you’d could leave these kinds of stories to the other news outlets I’d be very appreciative.


Looks like the people have spoken. No murders on Siteline. This is our happy place to get away from it all! :)

Andrea Hein

Stick with the lifestyle nature of your great newsletter and leave the crime stories to “news” outlets, please.


It’s a deeply sad (national) story but I don’t think you should ignore it. Acknowledging it without covering is a good balance.

Dave Sims

Not interested in reading about awful criminal activities from your newsletter. I love Siteline the way it is.

Larry Liddle

The stabbed children story is inappropriate for Siteline for many obvious reasons. I don’t see why you posted it.

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