The Closing Price for the Picacho Lane Estate Auction

••• I hear that 859 Picacho Lane (below), which was auctioned off in December but has yet to close, went for $5.3 million, although the official closing price will register as higher. The property had most recently been listed for $7 million, so the seller has to be somewhat disappointed—and it can’t be making the seller of 818 Hot Springs Road, to be auctioned in February, feel very good, either.

••• I’m tired of the parking situation at the Home Improvement Center and I dread driving all the way out to Home Depot, so here’s a wish: that the old Sears at La Cumbre Plaza become a Lowe’s or another Home Depot or Home Improvement Center. (The last I recall hearing was that it could become apartments.)

••• For whatever reason, the city’s Waterfront Department has decided we need a webcam trained on the harbor.

••• The Japanese-Craftsman hybrid at 209 Mohawk Road on the Mesa has sold for $2.065 million; it was first listed in September for $2.25 million, then cut to $2.1 million.

••• An update from Caltrans on the next phase of the Highway 101 project:

Highway 101: Carpinteria will begin construction in April 2020. Preconstruction activities, including vegetation clearing, will begin the week of January 19th. […] Project components include:

• New northbound and southbound Highway 101 peak-period carpool lanes within the City of Carpinteria boundaries
• New bridges over Franklin and Santa Monica Creeks
• New freeway on- and off-ramps at Santa Monica Road, Carpinteria Avenue, and Reynolds Avenue
• Six new sound walls
• Intersection improvements at Santa Monica & Via Real, Reynolds & Carpinteria Avenues, and Bailard & the freeway ramps