The City Seeks Input on the Future of State Street

••• Beer-and-wine shop/event space Bodega Los Alamos has another vacation rental on the way: Bodega Outpost, more of a glamping/yurt experience than its 1920s farmhouse vacation rental, Bodega House (above).

••• The Santa Barbara City Council is conducting a survey—online and in person—about the downtown section of State Street: “Examples of the questions that the community will be asked include: what can be improved on State Street, what issues should Council take into consideration and what would bring people downtown. The survey also asks residents what they hope State Street and downtown will be like in ten years and what they hope doesn’t change.”

••• While you’re in a feedback kind of mood:

The City of Santa Barbara released a Draft Small Wireless Facilities Ordinance for public review and comment. Written comments will be accepted until January 15, 2021. The Ordinance would regulate the placement of small wireless facilities (like cellular installations) in the public rights-of-way. The purpose of the Ordinance is to establish reasonable and comprehensive standards and procedures, including but not limited to aesthetics, construction, operation, modification, and removal, for small cell permitting within the City. The proposed ordinance aims to promote the community’s interest in protecting the City of Santa Barbara’s visual character, consistent with recent FCC regulations preempting local zoning discretion. The draft regulations also outline the requirements for small wireless facilities application and installation procedures, establish the City’s location preferences and design standards, lay out the public notification procedures, and appeal process. A copy of the proposed ordinance is available online. Comments or questions should be directed to Assistant City Attorney John Doimas at [email protected].

••• According to the county’s South Board of Architectural Review agenda for December 4, the Summerland Market gas station is hoping to make some improvements: “a new 1,340 square foot canopy over the existing fuel dispensers, minor exterior finish changes to chimney, wall section bollard replacement, and roof replacement to standing seam metal.”

••• I’ve decided not to run any more Price Cuts roundups for the time being. I’m a bit exhausted from all the real estate coverage, and I’m not sure they were anyone’s favorite.

••• My husband and I recently bought a house that came with a new door that we don’t want. I hate the idea of tossing it, but Habitat for Humanity is no longer accepting this kind of donation. Does anyone know of anyone else who might take it?


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Re: the door – I love giving things a new home via posting it as free on Craigslist. Maybe you’ve ruled that out already. Someone enterprising or scheming or just in need of a door will show up and take if off your hands and they will make use of it somehow. Much better than the trash. Donating can be a hassle if something’s big or bulky, so I end up posting stuff as free quite often. It’s also great for giving away plants you don’t want. I’ve even had people dig them out of my yard while I watched. LOL.