The City of Santa Barbara Has Enough Water for Two Years

••• “The City of Santa Barbara has declared its water supplies are solid enough that there’s no need to buy supplemental water supplies to get through the next two years. That’s true even if drought conditions remain, and Montecito buys 1,400 acre-feet of desalinated water a year from the city.” —Independent

••• Interesting read in the Independent about whether Highway 154 is as dangerous it seems: “For the 10-year period between September 2009 and September 2019, the collision rate along all 32 miles of Highway 154 between Los Olivos and Santa Barbara was 0.85 collisions per million vehicle miles traveled. For that same time period, the statewide average for similar two-lane routes was 0.78. […] While it may feel like Highway 154 crashes are a daily occurrence, figures reveal collisions happen every 2.5 days on average. The majority are noninjury.”

••• “Southern California Edison […] is working with the City of Santa Barbara to close Jesusita Trail above Mission Creek for a few days [this] week to remove more than a ton of rocks, boulders and debris that an SCE-hired contractor dumped during a road excavation job back in December.” —KEYT

••• “The 75th California Mid-State Fair released the lineup for the 2020 show on Saturday. The Fair will kick off on July 22 and end on August 2 in Paso Robles California.” —KEYT

••• What’s the most embarrassing place to run your boat ashore? Right in front of the yacht club. —KEYT

••• “A beloved and historic building in downtown Santa Barbara recently reopened its meeting area to local nonprofit organizations after undergoing 10 months of restoration. The nearly 200-year-old Hill-Carrillo Adobe, owned by the Hutton Parker Foundation, received a roughly $1 million makeover. The adobe, at 11-15 E. Carrillo St., has been an active community gathering space and a center of Santa Barbara philanthropy since its construction in 1826.” —Noozhawk