The City Is Considering Another Pedestrian Bridge Over Highway 101

••• The Cearnal Collective architecture firm visited the Plaza Granada improvement project the other day. As you can see above (and by clicking the link), the murals are coming along nicely.

••• The city reports that average daily hotel rates were 39% higher in September 2021 than in 2019. The number was 33% in August, and 35% in July.

••• The Moorish-ish mansion at 848 Hot Springs got a price cut of nearly $5 million (to $19.995 million).

••• The city is considering “a possible new bicycle and pedestrian freeway overcrossing between the Eastside and the vicinity of Dwight Murphy Field.” There’s a Zoom meeting on October 25. As the graphic below, shows, the Eastside could use a way to get south of the freeway including to the beach.

••• Opening October 23 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara: Rosha Yaghmai’s Drifters. “Visual distortion and disorientation evoke sensations of altered perception in the work of Rosha Yaghmai in which she mines her personal, familial, and cultural histories to unearth embedded meaning. […] Experimentation with materiality and representation constructs an uncanny universe informed by Persian miniatures, ancient Iranian myths, trippy blacklight posters, and 1990s surf aesthetic.”

••• Artist Matt Rogers will be at Caldwell Snyder gallery on Coast Village Road this Saturday (2-5 p.m.) for a show of his work, which is also up on Sunday (1-5 p.m.). Below: “Hermosa Palms.”

••• The city is seeking citizens’ input on the De La Guerra Plaza revamp. I hope that whatever budget exists for the plaza once it’s renovated goes to upkeep rather than programming. If it’s a lovely space downtown, people will use it. If it’s dirty and/or feels dangerous, forget it.


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