The Biltmore Reportedly Canceled All 2021 Weddings

••• SB Urban Flea Market (above) says dealers are moving in this week in anticipation of opening by April 1. It’s in the old Pascucci restaurant space (729 State Street) in Paseo Nuevo.

••• Last August, the Four Seasons Biltmore announced that it expected to reopen sometime in 2021 after “extensive remodeling,” although no notices of development have been posted at the site. Now the resort’s website says the property is “temporarily closed until further notice.” Moreover, I hear that all weddings booked for 2021 have been canceled with no explanation, and there’s a rumor that many employees have been laid off. Owner Ty Warner, of course, swore he’d never sell the hotel and insisted that he was refusing to reopen because he fears getting sued. Know more? Anonymity is guaranteed: [email protected], 917-209-6473. UPDATE 3/20: A reader contacted me to say that a big Amazon meeting scheduled for 2022 at the Four Seasons Biltmore has also been canceled. And “the rumor is that the Coral Casino will separate and run independently from the resort.” This is just a rumor, but it’s an intriguing one. Clearly something is going on at the property.

••• 210 Butterfly Lane was on the market for $5.85 million as recently as last May. Now it’s back for $7.5 million.

••• A gym of some kind is considering moving into 6100 Hollister Avenue (next to the Dean coffee shop), according to today’s agenda for city’s Planning Commission, which has to determine whether such a thing is appropriate in the “airport industrial zone.”

••• Caltrans is cleaning, inspecting, and painting Highway 154’s Cold Spring Bridge (the one near Cold Spring Tavern), which means there will be delays of up to 10 minutes Mondays through Thursdays (8 a.m.-3 p.m.) and Fridays (8 a.m.-1 p.m.) for a while. But I thought this was especially interesting: “This project will include a new ‘catwalk’ below the bridge deck to allow easier access for future bridge work.”

••• An apartment at 225 E. Cota is available to rent, offering another peek inside the Jeff Shelton building….


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