The Biltmore Has Reportedly Canceled All Events Through 2023

••• The residential component of the pretty new building at 226 E. De La Guerra has a name, Mayee Plaza, and judging from the photos, there appears to be a model unit. The complex is pre-leasing now, and rents run from $2,745 to $4,275.

••• Another day, another bit of Biltmore news: a reader says that the resort has actually canceled all events through 2023. By the way, if anyone from the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara or Ty Warner’s company feels that any of these tidbits are inaccurate, I do hope they’ll let me know at [email protected] or 917-209-6473.

••• The new building at 414 Chapala (Haley/Gutierrez) has a commercial tenant: Mindful Barbell, “a fitness workspace for people over 40. We combine fitness workouts and mindfulness activities in a metaphorical Twix bar.” I’m waiting to hear back whether it’s open or opening soon. UPDATE: Founder Jon Speakman says he’s hoping to open by May 1.

••• According to a fundraising letter from Montecito’s Casa del Herrero, the organization is “launching a summer arts education program geared toward igniting the imagination and tapping into the creative potential of our youth.”

••• Congregation B’nai B’rith at 1000 San Antonio Creek Road is expanding, according to the April 2 agenda for the county’s South Board of Architectural Review: “Conceptual Review of a campus revitalization plan (CUP Amendment) including hardscape and landscape of approximately 1,615-square-foot addition to the Sanctuary building, 1,800-square-foot addition to the education building and two new shade structures of 1,800 square feet and 1,700 square feet.”

••• My husband and I got some of the early 50-and-up vaccination openings in Lompoc, and the experience was quick and painless, although I was a bit nonplussed when the nurse told me I was her “first bleeder.”


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