The Biltmore Has Finally Set a Reopening Date

••• “When the cruise ships returned [after a pandemic break] in 2022, there was a record number of 30 calls, a fact that did not go unnoticed by cruise ship critics, who begged the city to put a limit on the number of annual visits. In response, the city created a Cruise Ship Workgroup to regulate the cruise ships without losing more than $400,000 per year in direct revenue. On February 15, the city Harbor Commission approved dozens of recommendations, including one which would limit the number of calls to no more than 20 each year.” That’s great. I still don’t understand, however, why the city doesn’t charge triple—or even more—per passenger than it does now. The cruise lines need us more than we need them. —Independent

••• The Biltmore “is planning to partially reopen on May 31. In what he called a soft opening, Mark Lloyd, a private land-use agent for The Biltmore, said the resort’s main buildings will be open and operational as well as 55 guest rooms. […] The resort’s main buildings—A and B, which house the resort’s main lobby, retail space, a restaurant, a bar, a banquet hall and a newly added theater—are all expected to be operational for phase one.” Moreover, “The resort is working on plans to add two swimming pools to the property.” —Noozhawk

••• “Refugio State Beach on the Gaviota Coast has lost several of its iconic date palms after winter storm beach erosion. One or two palms fell down last week, and two more fell down on Wednesday.” —Noozhawk

••• The history of those palms (and Refugio State Beach in general). —Goleta History

••• Someone told Restaurant Guy that he intends to open a beer spa—where you soak in beer—called Hop in the Spa somewhere in the area.

••• “Sable Offshore Corp. Takes Over Exxon’s Santa Barbara Oil Assets, Sets Sights on Restarting Operations.” —Noozhawk

••• “The City of Goleta wants to take $8.4 million of Measure A transportation funds originally intended for a pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle bridge over Highway 101, and instead spend it on roundabouts and other circulation projects in Old Town Goleta.” —Noozhawk

••• “The Alcazar Theatre has undertaken a massive revival in preparation for its 100th anniversary—in June 2028—which includes incremental construction plans to renew the building and create a state-of-the-art venue for Carpinteria.” —Coastal View News


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Well, I will have a drink on the Biltmore patio and toast to its long storied history. Hope they haven’t done too much changing of the interior.

Nancy Thomas

I loved the tour of the grounds I used to take. Can’t wait to go back to Montecito I am from Scottsdale AZ & loved every minute I was there.


HA! Did you purposely post the “bad oil people trying to re-up” on top of “Goleta out of money gonna take gas tax money for car infrastructure” – you are hilarious! DRILL BABY DRILL! Lets contribute to National Security, local jobs and bring oil back- THAT IS THE MESSAGE!


Offshore drilling so close to the mainland is unnecessary and unwise. Closing much of Alaska is equally unwise. There is plenty of crude to be had in places that so not pose such an extreme environmental risk. Let common sense prevail.


Common sense says relying on the comically UNSURE & never stable Middle Eastern sources, especially at THIS TIME, is laughably unwise. Thanks for the laugh

Sam Tababa

Imagine being so willfully ignorant and yet so confident? Sigh…

Bless your heart Christine!


Sam- I am so blessed, and my gas tank is FULL! This is happening as we all know who will be in office after the 2024 election- the leases will all be open again and SB County- as much as it deserves NADA- will pay many many bills and pensions with the tax revenue. And you and I will be proud of our contributions to our Country! Love ya!


“The cruise lines need us more than we need them.” Just curious what you are basing this comment on.

Erik Torkells

Monterey has stopped allowing cruise ships to stop there, so if a line wants an itinerary with a stop between L.A. and San Francisco, we’re it’s only choice.


Even more reason to welcome them- why on EARTH we fly globally without a care in the world yet try to tell fellow Americans they suck for daring to sail their own coastline and visit their Riviera. Absolutely stunning audacity – we employ thousands to serve tourists!

Dan O. Seibert

I would never go on a cruise but something about seeing the ships offshore is appealing. They are huge and then they are gone. I watched the Harbor Commission meeting on You Tube and some people I know spoke out against the ships because they “pollute.” The irony is thick. Since that meeting on February 15, we have seen Miramar beach closed because of a sewage spill, West beach opened after 9,000 gallons were spilled in Mission creek. But the most insane news is the 500,000 gallons of sewage spilled into the Goleta slough last week. . . wait. I was online a bit ago and the spill has been updated to over 1,000,000 gallons. There is no threat of pollution from cruise ships compared to what we are doing to ourselves.


It will be so sweet to return to celebrating our yearly wedding Anniversary (married in the gardens 30 years ago!) and listening to live music in the bar on Saturday evenings. Hoping it has retained it’s distinctive 1920’s charm…
And hoping people like Christine can learn to carry more love than hate in her soul to help in restoring much needed kindness.