The Best Bagels in Santa Barbara

••• An Independent roundup of “entrepreneurs who launched businesses during Covid-19” includes a number of food-related businesses, including 1348 Bikery (baked goods delivered by bike), High Seas Meadery, Whale Tail Pizza Peels, and the Bagel Boiz, who make the area’s best bagels and a very tasty caramelized-onion bialy, above. The trick is being ready to order right at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, because they sell out fast. (You can buy a bunch of bagels, then slice, freeze, and toast them, but the bialys should be eaten the day you get them.)

••• Coast & Olive reopened after that small fire.

••• Yoichi’s has added a sashimi option to its bento box lineup.

••• Ye Olde Deli & Thai Food at 4317 State Street is now Thai Kitchen. —Restaurant Guy

••• When I saw that Handlebar has put posters in the window of the space next to its E. Canon Perdido café, I wondered if it had decided to do something with the space, but the word is not yet. Perhaps after the pandemic it’ll expand…. In the meantime, take a minute to read the inspiring stories.


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