The Apple Store Is Now Collecting Visitors’ Images

••• The building where Amazon has its Alexa team working, 1001 State Street (at Carrillo), is on the market for $38.4 million.

••• From Lotusland: “In conjunction with the new publication Ganna Walska: Portraits of an Era, written by Madame’s niece, Hania Tallmadge, Lotusland is pleased to present a special exhibition showcasing never before seen original portraits, drawings, garments, and seldom seen photographs. ‘Portraits of an Era’ the exhibition can be viewed at the end of all regular docent tours starting on Saturday, February 29, and will be open through May 9.” Every time Lotusland refers to Walska simply as “Madam,” I think about Wayland Flowers and Madame (which might be apt in more ways than one).

••• Anyone entering the Apple store is being captured, and probably identified and catalogued. (Of course, its Face ID technology already has many customers’ images.) I emailed to ask exactly how the images get used, since the explanation on the sign—”for security and fraud protection”—is meaningless. We shall see if the company responds.

••• A recent sale of note: 3511 Sea Ledge sold for $8.3 million. The oceanfront property was initially listed for $10.5 million, then reduced to $9.75 million and $8.75 million. The link above has lots of photos.

••• You know you’re in California when….