State Street Is Looking Like a Ghost Town

••• Walking along State Street, I was struck again by how many spaces are vacant—including Perfume Plus Outlet.

••• And Killer B Fitness closed its State Street location, apparently a few months ago. The Goleta one is open.

••• Meanwhile, someone is posting signs on empty storefronts with (mock?) suggestions about what could go there. I couldn’t find anything about the Drift Walking Workshop online, but you’ll note that it appears to be an art project. P.S. Don’t knock a Japanese toilet till you’ve tried it.

••• Lotusland is starting Community Access Days: “This new program will enable nearly 1,000 local residents to visit our Gardens for only $25—half the normal entrance fee—on Sunday, November 15; Saturday, December 12; and Thursday December 31. […] Reservations are needed and can be made at”

••• From the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden: “The lower creek canyon trails and maze are now open to Garden guests! Exploring over five miles of shady trails is the perfect fall activity to take a break from your screens and unwind in nature. Visit on weekday afternoons while the trails are uncrowded as an after-school activity. Hand sanitation stations have been added and face coverings are required to ensure the Garden can stay open to our community.” Two questions: Why would you need to wear masks there if it’s OK to sit unmasked at a restaurant for over an hour? And anyone else get Children of the Corn vibes from this photo?

••• Sheryl Lowe Jewelry is opening a mini-boutique at the Montecito Country Mart. My guess is that it’s a pop-up through Christmas, or maybe Valentine’s Day.


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