Squatters Lived in a Montecito House for Eight Months

••• StretchLab Montecito, coming to Coast Village Road (near the Starbucks), is offering demo stretches outdoors.

••• Back in May, I submitted a question about a strange creature* in my bathroom to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History’s Ask a Curator tool, but a glitch stopped them from seeing it. The curators are getting the questions again and raring to go, if you come across something mysterious, or simply have a question, let them help you! (*It was a wind scorpion.)

••• Fascinating story from the police, via the Montecito Association: “Recently, a realtor was selling a home at the request of the owners, who lived remotely. When the realtor arrived, the house was clearly occupied. After checking with the owner, she then called the sheriffs as the occupants were squatters. This happened on Buena Vista. They arrived 8 months ago, and finding the place vacant, checked it out. They found an open back door, and went in. They then moved many things from their storage into the house, and invited another person to move in that is a parolee from Los Angeles County. The sheriffs had to come and get them all out.” You have to admire squatters who move in their own furniture….

•••This Thursday at 6 p.m., the Santa Barbara International Film Festival will have a discussion with director Michael Love about his documentary short, State Street Serenade. (“Playing in an echoing city parking lot for over a decade, a guitarist casts a musical spell over downtown Santa Barbara.”) Watch the film and register for the Q&A.

••• The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments tweeted this map showing the existing bike paths and how forthcoming ones will help connect them.

••• The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation has an interesting blog post about the bells at the Presidio. Photo by Tim Aceves and Michael H. Imwalle, courtesy the SBTHP.