Something Completely Different for the Funk Zone

“We need the scoop on STUDIO, opening on Anacapa Street!” emailed B. “It’s the little door along the deck right before you get to Brass Bear.”

I hightailed it over to 28 Anacapa and cupped my face against the window so I could get a good look. Right then, STUDIO founder Jeremy Wilson approached and asked if he could be of any assistance.

Wilson, a marketing and entertainment consultant who recently moved here from New York City, planned on opening an office in the space and then got the idea for something more. Here’s the description he sent over after our meeting: “Studio is a bar, production space, and soundroom. It will offer experiments in liquid, light, and sound. Unique beers, wines and aperitif-based cocktails. Revolving light installations that deliver vibrant color in the day or night. Bringing this together is a wide-ranging music experience for those who want something outside of the typical club. Its name comes from the concept of a recording and creative studio where you can also get a drink.”

STUDIO will open in December, liquor license willing…. Thanks to Jeremy for the info and B. for the tip. If you see something interesting, please pass it along by emailing [email protected] or texting 917-209-6473.


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