Six Recent Sales from Toro Canyon to Hope Ranch

If you want proof that the market is moving, look no further: Here are six closings from the past few days, for houses that are turnkey and not. And I posted about four others on Wednesday. (And these are just the notable ones.) Moreover, there’s a lot more in the pipeline.

1) The cool 1979 house at 3942 Laguna Blanca Drive sold for $2.45 million. It was listed for $2.995 million in November and then cut to $2.695 and $2.595 million. The seller paid $2.78 million in 2018.

2) 284 Santa Rosa Lane was listed at $4.65 million in January, cut to $4.25 million in March (when things looked dire), then brought back up to $4.45 million earlier this month (when the market really heated up). It sold for $4.4 million. The buyer immediately put it up for rent, then removed the listing.

3) 1800 E. Mountain Drive, right up against the San Ysidro Trail (and rebuilt after the debris flow), sold for $3.795 million. It came online in October for $5 million, then dropped to $4.495 million. If the earth doesn’t move again, someone got a good deal.

4) 715 Ladera Lane started out in October at $9.65 million, then got reduced twice till it was at $7.9 million, which is what it closed at. For posterity’s sake, here’s that room painted Yves Klein blue.

5) The Barton Myers–designed house at 770 Ladera Lane sold for $7.2 million. That’s only $300,000 off the original $7.5 million asking price, and a testament to the architecture—and the crazy market—since the only notable views are of the mountains through some clerestory windows.

6) The 56-acre vineyard property at 578 Toro Canyon Park Road sold for $11 million. It was listed in May for $14.5 million.


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